Visa to the UAE for citizens of Uzbekistan

In recent years, trade and economic relations between Uzbekistan and the United Arab Emirates have intensified. More and more tourists go on vacation to this country, which prompted the leadership of Uzbekistan to introduce a visa-free regime in relations with the UAE in 2019, but no reciprocal steps have yet been taken.

To get to the United Arab Emirates, citizens of Uzbekistan need a visa. Moreover, you need to get it in advance, since at passport control, you will need to present it in your passport.

This rule applies to almost all CIS countries, including citizens of Armenia, Georgia, Tajikistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan.

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Classification of visas by purpose of stay

Visas for the period of stay are single and multiple.

The visa is qualified, in addition to the terms, by the purpose of the trip, due to which the terms may increase significantly. Depending on the purpose, the following types of visas are issued for residents of the CIS countries:

  • Work Visa. For those who went to the Emirates to work. It is necessary to provide an agreement with an enterprise of this state
  • Business visa. It is received by representatives of firms that intend to do business in another country. An invitation from the host is required
  • Study visa. Issued to those who visit the country to study at local educational institutions of any type
  • Humanitarian visa. Can be obtained by scientists, athletes, pilgrims, representatives of charitable and public organizations
  • Tourist visa. Regular tourist visa is issued for 30 days and is valid for 1 entry only

These are the main types. In addition to them, there are also special ones:

  • Service visas. Issued to diplomats, military, representatives of the administration
  • Fiance visa
  • Family reunification visa
  • Visa for medical treatment
  • Visa for bulk purchases

What documents are needed for registration

It is necessary to ensure that the necessary documents are selected, correctly executed and meet all requirements. The package of basic documents includes:

  • Color photo 3 x 4 cm or 3.5 x 4.5 cm, clear, undamaged, also no pollution in the photo
  • International passport
  • Questionnaire completed in English
  • Copies of passport pages with previously issued UAE visas
  • Purchased round-trip air tickets
  • Booking at a hotel of at least four stars and a minimum of three days or round-trip air tickets
  • Confirmation of financial solvency in the form of a salary certificate or bank account status

The above documents are sufficient for issuing a tourist visa. If a different type of entry permit is required, additional paperwork must be provided.

Document Requirements

The Emirates have simple requirements for documents:

  • Photos must be clear
  • A color photocopy of a foreign passport – a spread with personal data. When submitting electronically, you can take a photo, but all data must be easy to read. The validity of the passport must be at least 6 months after the planned departure from the UAE
  • Income certificate is only required for tourists under 25 years of age
  • All documents must be translated into English

Immigrants from Uzbekistan must have a mark in their passport confirming their exit permit. It is affixed by the migration service.

General photo requirements

Travelers planning to visit the UAE in 2023 are required to provide one high-quality photograph. The main requirement is high quality photography. It must be taken in a professional photo studio. The photo must be taken in the appropriate color resolution. Typically, photo studio masters are familiar with the requirements that apply to the CC and consular departments of the UAE Embassy. The applicant must remember that it is not necessary to smile in the picture. Facial expression should be as correct as possible.

The key requirements include the following criteria:

  • The photo must be taken strictly on a white or light background.
  • The contrast in relation to the background must be respected
  • Facial features must be clearly visible in the photograph.
  • The photograph must show the entire face of the applicant.

The issue of sunglasses and hats is solved quite simply. If the wearing of a headdress corresponds to the religious views of the applicant, then it can be left on. The same goes for sunglasses. Guided by ethical considerations, diplomats do not always insist on their absence from the photograph.

! Important nuances

Another important requirement is the format of the photograph. In 2023, the photograph is provided electronically. It's not essential. But if the photo is presented in digital form, it will significantly simplify and speed up the procedure for obtaining a visa to the UAE.

When submitting documents in electronic format, it is important to comply with the following photo requirements:

  • Photo format – jpeg
  • Size – 200-400 by 257-514 px
  • Weight – no more than 6 KB

When submitting documents through the site, the applicant must make sure that the file name is written in Latin script. It is equally important to write your name and surname correctly in Latin.

According to the amendments to the legislation of the UAE, adopted three years ago, documents for issuing visas for tourists are accepted in a more stringent manner. Acceptance is carried out only when the applicant's photo exactly meets the new criteria.

! An example of a photo and photo requirements for a UAE visa are in the attached files at the end of the article..

How to fill out a visa application form

The questionnaire is filled out in English, in capital letters. The following information must be entered in its columns:

  • Name of applicant, names of parents
  • Nationality
  • Profession
  • Date and place of birth
  • Passport data
  • Contacts (addresses, phones) in Uzbekistan and the UAE
  • Information about education
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Have you traveled to the UAE before?
  • Address and phone number of the inviting party in the Emirates

The application form can be downloaded from the link

It is also issued at the consular section of the UAE Embassy. There are usually no difficulties with filling.

! An example of filling out a visa application form in the UAE is in the attached file at the end of the article.

Additional documents

These are the general requirements for documents when applying for a visa to the UAE. But depending on the final purpose of the trip, additional paperwork may be required.

When obtaining a work visa, you need:

  • An agreement with a company where it is planned to settle as an employee
  • Higher education diploma translated into English

When applying for a student visa, you need:

  • Birth certificate
  • Copies of all pages of the passport
  • Information about required vaccinations
  • 16 photos
  • Invitation from an educational organization

If studying at an Emirati university is carried out by transfer from the previous educational institution, a certificate of academic success is also required.

Additional list of documents for children

First of all, additional measures to collect documents relate to children. If earlier they simply fit into the passport of their parents, now they must provide their own passport, and in addition to it, several documents:

  • Entry permission from the other parent if traveling with one
  • Copy of the passport
  • Birth certificate

In December 2013, amendments related to the processing of visa documents in the UAE for children and adolescents came into force. Now a photo of each child accompanying a parent on a trip must be pasted into the passport of an adult traveler.

This requirement is relevant in 2023 for all minor children, regardless of their age. That is, if a minor has his own passport, his photo must still be pasted into the parent's visa.

Additional list of documents for pensioners

Pensioners do not need to provide additional documents.

Fingerprinting and medical examination

So far, to obtain a visa to the UAE, it is not required to provide biometric data, as well as a medical examination. Only students must provide information about the vaccinations required for study.

Terms and cost of registration

The period during which documents are considered and a decision is made to issue or refuse a visa is 5 days, the cost of a visa depends on its type.

Refusal to obtain a visa

Negative decisions on the issuance of visas by the UAE authorities are relatively rare. The main reasons for failures are:

  • Errors in filling out the questionnaire and paperwork
  • Violation of the visa regime of the country on previous trips
  • Possession of an Israeli entry stamp
  • Indication of deliberately false information in the questionnaire
  • Applicant's immigration intentions

In case of refusal, you can resubmit the documents. There is no appeal procedure.

Where to get a visa

It is necessary to apply for a visa at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Uzbekistan, located at the address: 38 St. Nasaf, Tashkent.

If a tourist visa is required, airlines from the UAE (FlyDubai, Emirates) often offer an e-Authorization service. To do this, on the official website of the carrier, it is proposed to answer standard questions, a request is generated in digital form and sent to the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs for consideration.

If the application is approved, a letter is sent to the applicant's email address, which must be printed out and shown along with the passport at the border control.

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We wish you a successful visa on the first try! And happy travels!


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