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Temporary emergency travel restrictions into the EU

Effective November 26, 2021, EU countries have taken an urgent decision to temporarily restrict all travel to the EU from some countries. Updated list of countries from which non-mainstream travelers

Entry rules to Ukraine

When checking in for a flight, passengers must: have insurance to cover medical expenses in Ukraine, install the Vdoma application on their mobile phone, provide one of the listed documents

Christmas and New Year in different countries: gifts, fun, police and more ...

It's no secret that Christmas and New Year are celebrated in different ways in different countries. For tourists, these features can be unexpected and even cause problems and disruptions in travel pla...

Police oddities from different countries

If you are traveling abroad, then familiarize yourself with the customs of the country in advance. When talking to a police officer, it is better not to gesticulate, but smile and use a calm speech


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