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Visa to South Korea

To visit South Korea, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan must first obtain an entry permit. The visa must be issued at the consulate

China Entry Rules

China has lifted quarantine for arrivals in the country from January 8, 2023. Arrivals from overseas are still required to take a COVID-19 test 48 hours before travel

Visa to the UAE for citizens of Uzbekistan

To get to the Emirates, citizens of Uzbekistan need a visa to the UAE. Moreover, you need to get it in advance, since at passport control, you will need to present it in your passport.

Visas to Croatia

From January 1, 2023, Croatian diplomatic missions and consulates issue Schengen visas (type A and C visas) and national long-term visas (type D visa)

List of countries of the European Union

As of 2023, the European Union includes 35 countries. Of these: 27 – use €, 8 – stayed with their own currency. They did not enter the European Union, but switched to the currency of € – 12 countries....

List of Schengen countries

The Schengen Agreement entered into force on March 26, 1995. As of 2022, the Schengen Agreement has been signed with 30 states and is in effect with the abolition of border controls in 26 states.

Indonesia entry rules (Bali island)

Since December 30, 2022, Indonesia has canceled all remaining measures to combat covid domestically, as most of the population already has antibodies


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