Basic rules for budget vacations

"Maybe postpone vacation? There is a crisis in the yard, you need to save!" – such thoughts occur to many. But in order to rest and stock up on strength for further working days, it is not at all necessary to spend an impressive wad of money.

You just need to properly plan your trip!

* * *

So, the basic rules for a budget vacation:

1. To book everything at least 3 months in advance is cheaper.

2. Ask about discounts, benefits, special offers.

3. Search for special offers on regular flights through the websites of airlines (there are a limited number of low-cost e-tickets on sale for 3-6 months).

4. Do not travel during "peak times": New Year and Catholic Christmas, school holidays (by moving the trip just one week "before" or "after", you can save up to 50%).

5. Go on vacation not alone or in a couple, but in a company of 4-7 people, dividing equally all expenses (for food, transfer, etc.)

6. Wherever possible, apply for tax free purchases (about 15% of the price of the goods at customs at the airport will be returned).

7. Shopping not in the city center, but on the outskirts.

8. Find out from local residents about the upcoming sales days, nearby clothing and footwear factories (prices in stores with them are 10-25% lower than in shopping centers).

9. If the vacation is planned for the winter, then take sports equipment (skates, skis, snowboards, etc.) with you so as not to pay for their rental.

10. To travel to other cities, use not a taxi, but a bus and a train (5-10 times cheaper).

11. Take the necessary medicines from home (abroad they are very expensive, and most are sold by prescription, for a visit to which you will have to pay at least € 50).

12. Buy group tickets to sports and entertainment centers, not day passes.

13. Rent a car from local companies (prices are 15-30% lower than in international car rental companies).

14. Call home from street machines or from post offices. For a mobile phone, buy a tourist SIM card (sold in mobile shops; incoming calls are free; tariffs for calls abroad are 3 times cheaper than those of traditional operators). Use walkie-talkies to communicate with your travel companions (the set costs about € 60). Will come in handy on your next vacation!

15. Choose a little-known resort (accommodation there is 1.5-2 times cheaper, the bill in a cafe – 1.2-1.5 times).

16. Prepare food in the apartment (there is always a kitchen with a stove and a refrigerator). Products should be purchased in large (!) Supermarkets. Even in expensive Scandinavia, self-catering will allow you to keep within € 10 per day per person.

17. Negotiate with homeowners without going through intermediaries. The description of the accommodation and the contact information of its owners are available on the Internet – just type the desired city and the word "apartment" in the "search engine" (save up to 50%).

* * *

At first glance, it may seem that thinking about constant savings will lose all the pleasure of the trip. But this is not the case. After all, all the preparations will be made before (!) The vacation.

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