Passport Department of Tashkent

Dear tourists planning a trip abroad!

From January 1, 2021, citizens of Uzbekistan are prohibited from traveling abroad without a biometric passport

To obtain a passport, you must submit documents to the migration and citizenship departments of the OVViOG at the place of permanent registration. Those who are abroad must submit documents to special collection points at consular offices. At the same time, we recall that in Uzbekistan from March 1 it will be possible to obtain a passport, regardless of registration in any department of the OVViG

Citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan under 18 years of age must also present a biometric passport to travel abroad, for which additional documents will be required:

  • notarized certified consent of parents or guardians to travel abroad
  • notarized commitment of the person accompanying the citizen

Citizens aged 15 to 18 years, with the notarized consent of parents, guardians, trustees for the independent departure of a minor, can travel abroad unaccompanied.

A biometric passport of a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan is issued for a period of:

  • from birthday to 1 year – 2 years
  • from 1 to 16 years of age – 5 years
  • persons over 16 years of age – by 10 years

The amount of the state duty for obtaining a passport is 120% of the base calculated value.
Production time – 10 working days.

Addresses and phones of Passport Department of Tashkent and region

General Department of migration and registration of citizenship of internal affairs Department of Uzbekistan
5A 1st Rustaveli blind Al. Yakkasaray district Tashkent
(+998) 71-231-37-98

Passport Department of Tashkent city
4 1st travel Buzbozor Mirzo-Ulugbek district Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-38-10

Passport Department of the International Airport named after Islam Karimov
13 Kumarik St. Sergeli district Tashkent
(+998) 71-254-36-72

Passport Department of Tashkent region
4 Bakht St. Salar village Kibray district Tashkent region
(+998) 71-260-63-71, 71-260-63-79, 71-260-55-88

* * *

Passport Department of Almazar district
2A Minor St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-40-16, 71-230-40-22, 71-230-40-17, 71-230-40-18, 71-230-40-19

Passport Department of Bektemir district
41 Yukori Chirchik St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-30-24

Passport Department of Chilanzar district
6A Chilanzar St. Chilanzar-2 massif Tashkent
(+998) 71-277-19-43, 71-277-59-42, 71-271-00-05, 71-277-21-21, 71-277-94-72

Passport Department of Mirabad district
180A Abdurauf Fitrat St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-38-71, 71-230-38-72, 71-230-38-74

Passport Department of Mirzo-Ulugbek district
4 1st travel Buzbozor Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-38-32, 71-230-38-18, 71-230-38-22

Passport Department of Sergeli district
2 Sofdil St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-258-08-22, 71-257-77-17, 71-257-48-52

Passport Department of Shaykhantakhur district
60 Samarkand-Darvoza St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-231-25-12, 71-231-25-19

Passport Department of Uch-Tepa district
33 Foziltepa St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-217-46-66, 71-217-48-88, 71-274-10-44, 71-217-40-26, 71-217-46-64

Passport Department of Yakkasaray district
60A Bobur St. Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-97-00, 71-230-98-53, 71-230-97-00

Passport Department of Yashnabad district
26 1st travel Alimkent Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-29-48, 71-294-58-27

Passport Department of Yunusabad district
30A Yunusabad-4 massif Tashkent
(+998) 71-230-58-84, 71-230-58-77, 71-235-13-96

* * *

Monday-Saturday: 09.00 – 18.00
Lunch: 13.00 – 14.00
Sunday is a day off

We ask you to take care of obtaining a biometric passport in advance – this will help you avoid the stress and additional costs associated with booking air tickets and hotels at the last moment.

From 2022, ID-cards and foreign passports will be issued and issued by the Centers of Public Services.

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