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Christmas and New Year in different countries: gifts, fun, police and more ...

It's no secret that Christmas and New Year are celebrated in different ways in different countries. For tourists, these features can be unexpected and even cause problems and disruptions in travel pla...

Police oddities from different countries

If you are traveling abroad, then familiarize yourself with the customs of the country in advance: for example, with a guide. When talking with a police officer, it is better not to gesticulate violen...

Unexpected customs bans

Travel and border crossings are commonplace. Especially popular are exotic countries, the exotic of which begins already with customs. The most innocent objects can cause a lot of inconvenience.

How to behave correctly at an interview at the embassy

An interview at the embassy is a necessary procedure if you intend to go abroad and you need an entry visa. So take your one-on-one interview with a visa officer for granted and off you go!

How to change currency abroad

The most profitable is to change money at the bank, the lowest rate is at the hotel. With rare exceptions, this is true in all countries. But speaking of the exchange, one cannot fail to mention the s...


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