Ways of payment

Payment for air tickets, hotel reservations, vouchers to recreation areas, sanatoriums and children's camps is made in national currency (UZS)

For individuals:

  • In cash at the office of OTPUSK.UZ
  • By using national bank plastic cards UzСard / HUMO
  • By using international plastic cards VISA / MASTER CARD
  • Online, through payment systems: PayMe / Apelsin / PayMo

For legal entities:

  • In non-cash form, by concluding an agreement with the organization

[ ! ]

When paying online through payment systems, a commission is charged from the tourist:

  • PayMe / Apelsin – in the amount of 1%
  • PayMo (for air tickets) – in the amount of 1.5%

When paying with international plastic cards, a commission is charged from the tourist:

  • VISA / MASTER CARD – in the amount of 3.5%

When paying with a "HUMANS" card for airline tickets of Ural Airlines in the direction of Uzbekistan-Russia, a cashback of 3% is provided.

For more information please contact our agents.

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