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Issyk-Kul Lake has the popularity of the sea - it is large, salty and surrounded by sandy beaches. At the same time, Issyk-Kul has the charm that is available only to high-mountain lakes - it is surrounded by mountain peaks and glaciers of the Northern Tien Shan, coniferous forests and alpine meadows. There are also thermal mineral radon springs here. All this makes Issyk-Kul a wonderful resort place with a healing effect, where there are all conditions for both calm and active rest.


Rest on Issyk-Kul - the second largest alpine lake in the world after Lake Titicaca and second only to the famous Baikal in terms of water purity - can become an unforgettable event in your life.

Clean and healthy ecology, warm and slightly brackish water, sloping sandy shores of Issyk-Kul, gradually disappearing into the blue of the depth and purity of the unique lake, combined with a developed tourist infrastructure, an abundance of interesting excursions and tours, water attractions, entertainment and delicious fruits is tempting a proposal for all lovers of spa and active recreation. And especially for families with children, who swim in abundance in shallow water or play on the sand of the beaches.

A wide range of options for vacationers are presented. On the North coast, where the main number of boarding houses, rest houses and sanatoriums of various categories is represented, these are: well-known back in Soviet times, such large boarding houses and sanatoriums as "Issyk-Kul - Aurora", "Goluboy Issyk-Kul"; luxury modern hotels and recreation centers like Rainbow, Royal Beach, Jamaica, Talisman Village; boarding houses with separate cottages with all the conveniences hiding among pines and birches, such as "Dilorom", "White steamer"; entertainment complexes with many cafes, bars and discos - "Rohat NBU", "Golden Sands", "Kyrgyz seaside"; stylized mini-complexes - "Okhotny Dvor", "Old Castle" and of course the private sector - houses and apartments where you can cook yourself, retire from the hustle and bustle of the people and save a lot of money. Recently, compact private mini-hotels, cottages and houses that meet the modern requirements of the hospitality industry and are flexible in pricing have also been built in large numbers and offer their services.

The most popular are trips to the picturesque gorges "Grigorievskoe", "Semenovskoe", "Urtok", "Jeti-Oguz", with the opportunity to make a short hike in the mountains, pick mushrooms, fish, try real "kymyz" and get acquainted with the life and traditions of the Kyrgyz ... A trip to Salt Lake or as it is also called Dead Lake on the southern coast of Issyk-Kul, accidentally discovered only in 2001, as a new destination for tourism in Issyk-Kul, is a popular "medical tour", during which tourists have the opportunity to "read newspaper "actually lying on the water having a salt content of approx. 36 ml per liter, take a mud bath, and then swim in the clear waters of Issyk-Kul Lake itself, located 400 meters away.

We also offer day and night cruises on the ship (including such as "Disco 80s"), diving, fishing, hunting in the mountains, hiking, etc.

But undoubtedly the most important type of recreation is swimming in the Issyk-Kul Lake itself. The swimming season starts in June and lasts right through to the end of September. In late autumn, winter and spring, you can come for treatment in a sanatorium and use decent discounts offered at this time.

There is a lot to talk about the possibility of an unforgettable vacation in Issyk-Kul. Maybe it's better to come and discover Issyk-Kul yourself? And we will help you ...

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Aug 1, 2022


Зона отдыха, а в частности бассейн, находится в горах. Небольшая парковка, на 5-6 машин. На территории имеется бассейн совмещенный с детским. Глубина бассейна нарастающая, макс. ~ 2 метра. Хороший выбор меню, но завышены цены. Отличный вид на горы.

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