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Uzbekistan is a vibrant country in the East with a rich architectural heritage and magnificent nature in protected areas. Historical monuments, modern recreation areas, bazaars with an oriental flavor ... Here everyone will find something to see and where to relax.


Флаг Узбекистана

Geopolitical data:

Geographic coordinates of Uzbekistan: latitude – 37°14'08″N, longitude – 67°18′39″E, height above sea level – 303 m. The state is located in Central Asia. Borders: in the north – with Kazakhstan, in the east – with Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, in the south-west – with Turkmenistan, in the south – with Afghanistan. The area of the country is 447,400 sq. km. of which land – 425,900 sq. km; water – 22,000 sq. km The length of the borders is 6,221 km. The state consists of 12 regions and 1 autonomous republic – Karakalpakstan.

The climate in the country is sharply continental. The average January temperature is from +4°C in the south to -10°C in the north, in July from +27°C in the north to +37°C in the south.

Nature: cities of Uzbekistan are located in river valleys. Although the territory is diverse, large areas are deserts, steppes and mountains.

The population of Uzbekistan is about 35 million people. In Tashkent and Tashkent region – 5.5 million, Samarkand region – 3.8 million, Bukhara region – about 2 million, Fergana region – 3.7 million. The urban population is 50.5%, the rural population is 49.5%. By ethnic composition: Uzbeks – 83.8%, Tajiks – 4.81%, Russians – 2.33%, other nationalities – 9.06%. The average population density is 74.1 people. sq. km. In terms of the number of inhabitants, Uzbekistan ranks third among the CIS countries, after Russia and Ukraine.

Language: the state language is Uzbek. Russian is the language of international communication. It is widespread and owned by a significant part of the population. Many official documents are duplicated into Russian. One of the priorities of the state is the study of English or other foreign languages. Although Uzbek is the state language, in a number of regions other languages are used: Tajik, Kazakh, Kyrgyz. The Karakalpak language is the official language in the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Religion: Islam – 89% (mostly Sunnis), Christianity – 8%, believers of other directions – 3%.

Electricity: 220V AC, 50 A; standard double plug socket.

Internet zone: .uz

Transport: buses, underground and elevated metro, fixed-route taxis, taxis.

Tourism is one of the main sectors of the country's economy. In 2019, 6.7 million foreign tourists visited the country. For citizens of 86 countries, a visa-free regime has been introduced for a period of 7, 30, 60 and more days.

What to see / where to visit:

Living in such a fertile land as our native Uzbekistan, you can have a great rest without leaving the country. For vacationers there is a wide range of various recreation areas and mountain resorts, sanatoriums and children's health camps. And there are many cozy and comfortable hotels for guests.

In recent years, there has been a significant transformation of the Chimgano-Charvak resort area, which was expressed in the restoration, reconstruction and improvement of large hotel complexes: "Chorvok Oromgohi", "Beldersoy Oromgohi", "Amirsoy Resort" and others, which took place with the active support and participation of the state (carried out at the expense of the state budget for power transmission lines, technical communications and road reconstruction).

These successful infrastructure projects have spurred the rapid development of private business in the region, which has resulted in the opening of hotels, campgrounds, guest houses, recreation areas and restaurants. All this led to the formation of a competitive environment and the offer of services aimed at this market segment.

Natural and climatic conditions of the western Tien Shan (gentle slopes, snow cover from December to March, predominance of clear, sunny weather, low avalanche risk), as well as developed infrastructure and proximity to potential markets (Tashkent city and its transport infrastructure - airport) create all conditions for the development of mass domestic and foreign tourism.

The implementation of the domestic tourist potential has already taken place and the mountains have become a favorite vacation spot for Uzbeks. However, much remains to be done for the development of external winter tourism, and there are serious prerequisites for this. First of all, this is the geographical position of the Republic of Uzbekistan, a characteristic feature of which is the presence of all natural and climatic zones characteristic of the Central Asian region. Alpine landscapes of the western Tien Shan, foothills, steppes and semi-deserts harmoniously coexist on the territory of the country.

The winter season is held in a traditional way with a particular focus on weekend tours, winter vacations and New Years celebrations. It can be noted that the recreational resources on the southern slopes of the Chimgan ridge, in the vicinity of the city of Yangiabad, have returned to the tourist orbit of Uzbekistan. As an example of the restoration and formation of a new tourist infrastructure, one can cite the capital reconstruction of a tourist center in the eponymous ski resort "Yangiabad" with a newly equipped ski track and a drag lift.

Public Holidays:

  • January 1 – New Year
  • March 8 – International Women's Day
  • March 21 – Navruz (Central Asian New Year)
  • May 9 – Day of Remembrance and Honor
  • September 1 – Independence Day
  • October 1 – Day of teachers and mentors
  • December 8 – Constitution Day

Religious holidays with changing dates:

  • Ruza Khayit (Iid al-Fitr)
  • Kurban Khayit (Iid al-Adha)

More about public holidays

Emergency phones:

  • Police – 102
  • Ambulance – 103
  • Fire brigade – 104

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(+998) 78 120 90 00

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New Year Holidays in Humson Buloq

Это прекрасное место для всех и каждого! Территория огромная, великолепная, очень ухоженная вся в хвойных растениях и со множеством красивейших роз! Очень хорошие и чистые номера. Приветливый персонал.от садовника до директора. Вкусная еда! Рекомендую!!!

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December 8 – Constitution Day


March 8 – International Women's Day


September 1 – Independence Day


October 1 – Day of Teachers and Mentors

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