From the ship to the ball

Time is running out! Today, more and more often you have to go on a business trip from the office. And to the office – from a business trip. How to minimize the negative aspects of many hours of travel and benefit from them?

Swollen legs, dull skin, circles under the eyes, wrinkled hairstyle – a "business trip" portrait from the past is not honored today. No excuses or references to the vicissitudes of the path. Business laws require that even after a daily flight with three transfers, you are blooming and fresh. The ability to overcome any challenge is part of the job. A few tips for women to follow that are not so difficult.

* * *

In the air

1. The day before you need to get a good night's sleep: good sleep improves blood circulation and promotes the elimination of toxins. Thanks to this, the skin will better endure the difficulties of the flight.

2. Before your flight, check if the airline allows you to take cosmetics on board. Now many countries, in particular the United Kingdom and the United States, prohibit taking liquids and gels with you on board. Mascara and lip gloss were also blacklisted. Only lipstick with powder does not fall under suspicion. Quite enough for a discreet look. If, after arrival, you need to look your best, put cosmetics in a separate case in your luggage in order to quickly make up before leaving the airport.

If the flight is short, use persistent means, then you will only have to powder yourself before landing.

The catastrophic skin dehydration that air travel is famous for can be compensated for by compressing a warm cloth before meals.

Lip balm, a licensed product, can solve several problems at once. It can be applied to lips, nails (cuticles get rough in flight), as well as especially sensitive areas of the face and body (cheekbones, elbows, etc.). Its dense film will not allow moisture to evaporate.

3. Avoid rich aromas! In a confined space, they will cause headaches and fierce hatred of neighbors.

4. Try to get adequate rest during the flight. Get into the most comfortable position, take off your shoes and put on the socks you have stored in advance. Try not to sit cross-legged, periodically change your position and make small defiles around the cabin. This will relieve your legs from swelling and a feeling of heaviness (do not forget to apply decongestant cream to your calves before the flight).

To get enough sleep and adapt to jet lag, take a mild sleeping pill (melatonin). From him it is easy to sleep and there is no headache.

If you cannot sleep, then for an emergency lift, ask the stewardess for a couple of ice cubes and gently wipe your face with them. Vigor and fresh appearance will remain for several hours

5. Try not to eat on planes. The food there is usually flavored with preservatives and salt. Grab a couple of apples, drink plenty of water with lemon, excluding bad “heavenly” coffee and even more alcohol. A puffy face is unlikely to look personable.


Be philosophical about traveling by rail: finally, there is time to take a break.

1. To provide your eyes with complete relaxation, take an audio version of it instead of a traditional book. This will also help to abstract from unpleasant fellow travelers.

2. Do not take a great variety of jars on a business trip. The multipurpose aids seem to be specially made for travel. For example, a bottle of oil can solve almost all problems. It perfectly softens the tips of the fingers, takes care of dry skin of the feet, and soothes the face. And upon arrival, it will turn the bath into an oasis of luxury and tranquility.

Cleansing wipes quickly and gently remove all unnecessary skin. The feeling of freshness and cleanliness ... And no long splashing in the shaking toilet.

If you are traveling alone in a compartment, you can pamper your skin with a soothing mask. Especially convenient are the textile representatives of this class in disposable packages, where everything is extremely simple and clear. We got all the best from it and threw it away without long “scraping” from the skin. Most importantly, lock the door so as not to frighten the guide.

To avoid irritation on your face and unwanted breakouts, stock up on a personal silk pillowcase to protect your face from morning bruises.

3. But the main railway beauty problem, of course, is the hairstyle. In anticipation of the trip, it is better to avoid styling gels, unconditionally preferring light products. And before getting off the train, spray the hair roots with a volume spray to restore their lost splendor. Think over and backup options for saving a hopelessly spoiled hairstyle.

Eh, dear!

If a car with a driver is waiting for you at the entrance, it means that the road ahead will not be so far. So don't waste a minute.

1. Down with executive shoes! Cream and cotton socks are what you need. Avoid cooling creams, however. Of course, they relieve fatigue and reduce swelling, but there is no need to overcool in the car.

2. Be sure to keep a can of thermal water close at hand and refresh your face regularly. And if, without putting it on the back burner, apply a light gel, then deep hydration and long-term comfort of your skin are provided. Before arriving, remove excess product with a napkin and go over your face with a tanned powder. You will look rested and refreshed.

3. Before touching up your makeup, ask the driver to stop. You should not direct the marafet on the go: there is a high risk of self-harm. It happens that on the road you have to look through a lot of documents or work with a laptop. All this is not good for the eyes and results in painful fatigue and redness. Buy eye drops from the pharmacy that instantly relieve redness and fatigue, returning the glow to your eyes.

* * *

We create many problems with our shyness. If you prefer to sit by the aisle, ask for an appropriate seat. If you want to get up and stretch - do not hesitate. If something gets in the way, ask the staff to transplant you. And without hesitation, apply mask-compresses under your eyes (they do not bother anyone!) To avoid circles under the eyes. This facility is allowed on all airlines.

No matter how you have to get from point A to point B, try to indulge yourself on the way with your favorite magazines, light literature, pleasant conversation or, on the contrary, idle thoughts ... all those things for which we, as a rule, do not have enough time ...

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