5 ways to overcome the time difference

Whether you are a business person who spends a lot of time on the road, or a tourist who loves to travel to distant exotic countries, sooner or later you will face the problem of time differences. Upon arrival of an aircraft in a different time zone, the body continues to function in its original biological rhythm, despite the abrupt change of day and night. This misalignment of biological rhythms leads to a painful condition – desynchronosis.

Desynchronosis is a violation of the daily rhythm of the body, a disorder of biorhythms in connection with a flight over several time zones. This is manifested in sleep disorders, appetite, decreased performance. This means that you may feel acute hunger at night or start nodding off at an important business meeting.

For example, upon arrival in popular Thailand, India or China, tourists toss and turn in bed for a long time in the evenings and cannot fall asleep, but in the morning they cannot be woken up from a cannon and you cannot make them have breakfast. And the first morning excursions are not fun. But it is still possible to reduce the adverse effects of flying around the globe.

1. A few days before the trip, set your watch to the time of the country of arrival and try to live according to the new time
Most travelers remember the time zone of the destination country only by adjusting the clock when the plane lands. But by planning your trip in advance, you can do without "temporary difficulties." Even if you go to bed an hour earlier or later within three days, you will feel a tangible difference. Try to eat according to the new time as well.

2. Plan your flight based on how easily you fall asleep on the plane
If you can easily sleep during the flight, then try to buy a plane ticket that is in the air when it is night in the country of arrival. But if you have difficulty falling asleep in transport or under the influence of new impressions, then plan your flight at a time when it is day in the country of destination, and immediately go to bed upon arrival.

3. Some conditions are not a direct consequence of the time difference, but may worsen its manifestations
This is, for example, dehydration. Dry aircraft air can cause dehydration and general weakness. To stay hydrated, try to drink a glass of water every hour you fly. Give preference to mineral water and juices. Refrain from tea, coffee and alcohol, as these drinks are diuretic and further dehydrate the body. Remember (!) That one dose of alcohol in flight is equivalent to two drinks on the ground! This means that the adverse side effects of alcohol will manifest themselves in a double measure.

4. If, despite all your efforts, having arrived at the place, you feel sleepy before an important meeting or excursion, it will help ... sunshine
Natural daylight has a powerful regulating effect on the body's biological clock, lowering the level of melatonin, a hormone produced by our bodies at night that causes drowsiness. During the daytime, melatonin levels are low and the person feels alert and energized. In order to lower the level of melatonin and "shake up" before an important event, it is enough to sit under daylight for 15-20 minutes.

5. It will help with feelings of drowsiness and a little exercise, which will give the body energy
But it shouldn't be a grueling workout! It is enough to do a few simple exercises (for example, squats), arrange a short run, or go to the fitness room for half an hour. Massage has approximately the same properties (only it should be an invigorating massage, and not a relaxing or soothing one).

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