The procedure for entering Georgia


Georgia lifts all quarantine requirements

From June 15, 2022, Georgia removes all restrictions related to COVID-19.

Travelers are no longer required to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates and PCR test results to enter the country.


To enter Georgia, you must present the original certificate of vaccination

Otherwise, it is mandatory for all passengers over 10 years of age to have a COVID-19 test (in English).

The test must be done less than 72 hours before arrival in Georgia, pre-approved and registered via the link.

On the 3rd day of your stay, you must pass a second test in one of the approved laboratories (list).

[ ! ] Results must be retained prior to leaving the country.

Country restrictions:

  • The land border remains closed. Conditions apply only to those arriving by plane
  • Standard covid restrictions apply
  • Since the beginning of March, restrictions have been lifted in the catering system
  • There is a curfew from 21:00 to 5:00

Georgian citizens who arrived in Georgia without a negative PCR test for COVID-19 must undergo 8 days of self-isolation.

You can find more detailed information by clicking on the links: and


Georgia cancels "Green Pass" for visiting public places

The country has abolished the covid-passport system due to its ineffectiveness against the omicron strain.

"Given the rapid spread of the omicron strain, the weak course of the virus, as well as international experience, the Council decided to cancel the obligation to require a green passport," said Giorgi Gibradze, head of the operational headquarters.

No vaccination documents or tests are required to visit public places within the country. All green status accounting systems will remain in place and citizens will be able to use their green passport to travel abroad.

[ ! ] The requirement to wear masks remains in effect!


Requirements for passengers intending to visit Georgia

1. Take a test for the absence of a new coronavirus infection by the PCR method

  • The test must be done no earlier than 72 hours prior to arrival in Georgia and drawn up in English
  • The test must be approved and registered in advance
  • This requirement does not apply to children under 10 years of age

2. Before the flight, passengers must fill out an online form

  • The form must be uploaded to a mobile phone or be in the hands of the passenger in a printed form when checking in for the flight

[ ! ] Passengers who do not fulfill these requirements will not be admitted to the "Tashkent – Tbilisi" flight!

The exceptions are:

  • Citizens of Georgia
  • Passengers who have completed the full course of vaccination against COVID-19 and have a confirmation certificate of vaccination issued in English

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