Someone else's rules ... or 100 and 1 reasons for an international scandal

They say: "What is good for a Russian, death for a German." Foreigners have a lot, not like us!

The most familiar and seemingly decent behavior of a tourist can shock the locals, cause a conflict or even a "rendezvous" with the brave foreign police officers! What do you need to know in order not to be known in a foreign country as "brawlers and brawlers"?

* * *

On the excesses of the bad

From a tourist's story: "In the Emirates during Ramadan, I bought two bottles of excellent wine at the hotel bar. Taking them with me, I went to a nearby hotel to a friend, in order to taste the purchase. It was only necessary to cross the road, but the police managed to intercept me and for walking with wine in the open I got ... a month in prison."

It just so happened that the main stumbling block during foreign travel for our fellow citizens (as, indeed, for many Europeans) is the problem of alcohol. Moreover, the question does not always arise point-blank – to drink or not to drink. You just need to know some of the features of "national drinking".

In the USA, for example, where in many states there is a ban on public (including in parks and on beaches) drinking alcoholic drinks, it is enough to hide the bottle in a paper bag and not show your too drunken appearance. Otherwise, a fine.

The situation is more complicated in the UAE. Here, people can go to jail for public drinking. And in the most strict part of the emirate of Sharjah, drinking is prohibited at all. If you are lucky, you will get off with a fine and deportation home, and if not, you will be sentenced to punishment in the form of blows with sticks. And whether you are a tourist or not - no one will look at it. Therefore, there is only one way out: use it in moderation (preferably in your room), and after "drinking" do not leave the hotel. In other Arab countries (with the exception of only the tourist area of Tunisia), alcoholic meals outside of drinking establishments and hotels will also not be approved by the police.

In the Maldives, there is a different rule: here you can only taste. In other words, drink as much as you can, but only local drinks. It is prohibited to import booze from outside, even if you buy a bottle of beer in Duty Free – if you please leave it at customs and pick it up on your way back. And most importantly, the most severe showdown awaits you if you offer a drink to some local resident. And if it is a woman, then there is no sin at all!

In Southeast Asia, where it is believed to be a real haven for "sex tourists", in general, they are very strict about the phenomenon called pornography. If in Singapore you are caught by the police reading a book with illustrations of frivolous content or an erotic magazine – get ready for big trouble. The most innocent joke on a sensitive topic in a public place is regarded here as an attempt to promote pornography and is punishable by law. In Thailand, all of the above is also officially banned, but here you can ... pay off! And even pay for the right to sunbathe naked.

As for soft drugs, their use is punishable all over the world, with the exception of Holland. At the same time, you cannot import or export a potion from this country – you can immediately go to jail! And in Jamaica, known for its loyalty to the "grass of wisdom", public consumption is punishable by law despite popular misconception. The most severe in this respect, again, are the Muslim countries and Southeast Asia, where for violation you can get life imprisonment or even the death penalty.

Curious but serious

It is possible that in a bar or cafe in any Arab country, they will endlessly impose an additive, pour coffee or tea, without listening to any objections – until you turn your cup upside down as a sign that the meal is over. Even in these parts, you cannot ask to use the phone in public places – cafes or shops – a bad form. Blowing your nose and spitting on the street is indecent (in fact, like ours!). Taking pictures of government agencies or banks is also not accepted. A well-bred tourist will not eat in front of hungry Arabs during Ramadan – even where permitted by law.

Don't greet a member of the opposite sex in Saudi Arabia. According to Sharia, for a woman to say hello to a man in public or to communicate with someone other than her husband, and even without the supervision of older women in the family or male relatives, is the height of immorality!

In expensive restaurants in Japan, you should behave like in a temple. And this means that you must have a pious expression on your face, at the entrance you will have to take off your shoes and go to the table in only socks. And woe to you if they are not aesthetic enough!

In Thailand, China and the Philippines, it is considered unacceptable to lick a plate after eating. In all these countries, the hostess is simply obliged to treat guests with delicious food. But where a steak with cheese sauce is sky-high, the most important thing for the hostess is that the guest is full! Even if the food offered to you is something of the tastiest that you have ever tasted in your life, even if you have not eaten before this week, you should leave some food on your plate in order to emphasize your absolute satiety.

The Chinese are not as constrained and indecisive as they might seem at first glance. Surprisingly, it is considered good manners to speak with a full mouth and burp after eating. Also, the Chinese are not averse to letting out gases after a hearty dinner, but in a certain company. So here you must first check with the people sitting nearby.

In India, Sri Lanka, Africa, and the Near and Middle East, the left hand is considered dirty. Despite the fact that toilet paper was invented almost one and a half thousand years ago, it still remains an unaffordable luxury in a number of countries. There this function is performed by the left hand. Therefore, the left hand is considered dirty. There is a left – the height of indecency. And unsanitary conditions are not the only reason. According to some hadiths, the Prophet ate exclusively with his right hand. And the Qur'an says that Satan was left-handed.

If in a Singaporean toilet someone notices that you have not washed your hands, they will not only shame loudly, but they will also get you to be fined! Similar measures are provided for spitting on the sidewalk and ... chewing gum.

In Ireland, it is considered an insult to ask a condom in a supermarket: for it – only to the pharmacy!

In the USA, it is customary to accompany any question addressed to a stranger with a smile – otherwise you will show yourself to be a real rude and your address may be regarded as unfriendly.

During a conversation, European residents want you to look them directly in the eyes, without taking your eyes off the side – such are the decencies. But Asians in such attention will suspect that something is wrong.

For a Thai, it is a terrible insult to stroke or pat him on the back of the head - for example, as a sign of approval. This is only allowed to the closest people, and you hardly fall into this category.

Be careful with the choice of gifts! Never give a Chinese watch as a present. In the Celestial Empire, the clock is a synonym for the word "death". And never wrap a gift in white paper – this is also a deadly sign. You should not give white flowers to the inhabitants of Bangladesh – then the set will include a shovel, and the obligation to bury the inhabitant of this wonderful country who has so annoyed you.

* * *

To be honest, "their morals" often seem very amusing to us. But this does not give the right to give up on them: you can giggle, but you have to perform. If you come to visit, you must respect someone else's mentality. Of course, many of the norms of behavior are not officially enshrined, but they should still be taken into account. In a word: "They don't go to a strange monastery with their own charter."

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