Travel applications without Internet

It is difficult to imagine your life without the Internet, even sitting on the couch at home. And how difficult it is when traveling, where there are constant interruptions in communication or there is no access to the network at all. But this does not at all oblige you to stock up on a ton of paper maps and guidebooks or spend a lot of money on traffic.

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OTPUSK.UZ brings to your attention applications that will be useful when traveling and do not need an Internet connection.


Fast, detailed and completely offline maps with turn-by-turn navigation of countries and cities anywhere in the world! Save mobile traffic. The map does not require an internet connection to locate your location. All you need to do is download the map of the country you need in advance. Download guidebooks and maps of different cities of the world and use them offline. You can also plan a route, bookmark interesting places. Getting lost is unrealistic!

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City Maps 2GO

Your reliable and easy travel companion. Detailed offline maps, detailed information, popular places and helpful tips. All functions, such as address search, review and GPS positioning, also work without internet access. Plan the perfect trip!

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2 Gis

Detailed guide with city maps and GPS-navigator for pedestrians and motorists. The application works without the Internet: it is enough to download the desired city once. An excellent application for traveling around Russia: addresses, phone numbers, opening hours of companies are available at any time.

The app is free

Android | iOS


A useful application for those who like to travel by bike. With it, you can search for cycling routes in different cities and create your own tracks.

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For trips to the CIS countries, "Yandex.Maps" will come in handy, which can work offline. To do this, you just need to download a map of the required city through the application.

Look for the addresses you want or the best places nearby, even without internet. Yandex.Maps will tell you details about organizations, help you get to a place by transport or on foot, and show you where the desired route is going.

Android | iOS

Hudway Go

It is a simple GPS navigator for daily city driving. The application shows the necessary minimum of navigation information and does not distract from the road.

The navigator will help you navigate even in poor visibility conditions. You simply place your phone next to the windshield and important road information is projected onto it. Internet access is required only in order to plot a route, which is very convenient: the connection often disappears on the road.

Android | iOS


It is a free application that makes it easy to navigate the city on all modes of transport: taxi, public transport or solo travel.

Book a taxi with one click or get your way with detailed itineraries, step-by-step directions and information on each way to get to your destination.

Android | iOS


It is a world map application based on OpenStreetMap (OSM). Allows you to navigate taking into account the preferred roads and vehicle dimensions. Plan routes based on inclines and record GPX tracks without an internet connection.

Offline maps will tell you how to get to your destination, share interesting and useful travel information.

OsmAnd is an open source application. It does not collect user data, and you decide what data the application will have access to.

There is a paid version. The free package has a limited number of downloadable maps - 7 pieces.

Android | iOS

Currency converters

XE Currency

The most famous currency converter that will make shopping easier in any country.

Thanks to the offline mode, there is no need to go to the Internet, all the relevant data is already loaded.

Sending money to another country? With the new Xe app, you can do it in one swipe. Check the mid-market rates in real time and track your money transfer. There is no need to waste time on something else.

Android | iOS

Easy currency converter

World currencies (200+), current exchange rates, favorites, offline mode, charts, etc. No need to scroll through endless lists - set up a personalized list of currencies and keep a list of all the most important currencies at hand.

  • Supports all currencies of the world, some metals and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, ...)
  • Exchange rates are updated once a second
  • The app works offline
  • Historical charts: displaying exchange rate dynamics since 2011
  • Search function to quickly find currency


Travel guides


Convenient compact guide to the countries of the world from Australia to Japan in your phone, offline maps.

With this application, you do not need to spend money on expensive travel guides, carry heavy reference books, maps and magazines with you on a trip. All the information a traveler needs is always at hand:

  • General information about the country (visa, time zone, currency, language, how to get there and much more)
  • Information about cities and places that are recommended to visit
  • Offline maps where all points of interest are marked
  • Extensive photo gallery
  • Information about current events
  • A phrasebook in six foreign languages, plus a phrasebook in pictures that will allow you to explain yourself without words

The app and offline maps can be downloaded for free, all services do not require an Internet connection, which is very important when you are in roaming. Start preparing for an exciting journey around the world right now! Offline maps are available for popular cities such as: Antalya, Berlin, Barcelona, Budapest, Vienna, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Moscow, Munich, New York, Beijing, Paris, Prague, Phuket, Riga, San-Francisco, St. Petersburg, Istanbul, Tallinn, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh.

Android | iOS


Personal travel guide around the world. Travel guides and maps are available without an internet connection.

Use this application to make plans, take travel notes and share impressions with friends, navigate the map, choose various attractions to visit and create a travel diary.

Thousands of tips on where to live, where to go and what to see in the most interesting cities in the world. Add new addresses, opinions and advice right from the spot.

Prepare your own travel guide at, download the guide to your phone and go on a journey!



It is a base of over a million restaurants in the US, Canada and most cities in the UK and New Zealand. You can easily find a place to dine by rating, cuisine, or distance from your current location.

Android | iOS


This is a travel app that brings people together, information about places and objects from planning and booking to travel itself.

With Tripadvisor, you will find tips from millions of travelers who have already visited your destination. They will recommend where to stay, what to do, where to dine or have a quick snack.

You will also find great deals on hotel rooms and special conditions for booking tables in restaurants or tickets for events.

Whatever the purpose of your trip, Tripadvisor can help you plan the best way. You are also encouraged to share your experiences and thereby help other travelers in planning their trips.

Some functions require internet access, but the app will certainly help you find the best option possible.

Android | iOS

Visit A City

Planning your trip should be simple.

  • Free access to 1000+ travel guides created by expert
  • Access to your plans and maps online and offline
  • Convenient navigation
  • Detailed manual

The app is free and works offline.

Android | iOS


Google Translate

This is the most famous translator. You can translate your lines and lines of the interlocutor right during the conversation. And most importantly – the Internet is not required!

  • Translation of the entered text (added support for 108 languages)
  • Fast translation (copy the text in any application and click on the Google Translate icon to translate)
  • Offline translation (translation from 59 languages and back without an Internet connection)
  • Fast translation by camera (instant translation of any inscriptions from 94 languages)
  • Translation of text in photos (90 languages supported)
  • Conversation mode (automatic speech translation from 70 languages and vice versa)
  • Handwriting input (translation into 96 available languages)
  • Phrasebook (translations of words and expressions for future use, all languages are supported)
  • Synchronization across devices
  • Speech-to-text conversion: almost simultaneous speech translation (8 languages supported)

Android | iOS


The application allows you to translate words, phrases and whole texts from English, German, French, Spanish or Italian into Russian and vice versa without the Internet. To do this, you need to download the selected languages and enable offline mode in the settings. More than 95 languages are available online.

  • Voice input and reading of texts
  • Dictionary entries with examples of the use of words
  • Photo translation - recognition and translation of text on photos (works online for 12 languages)
  • Translation of entire websites directly in the application
  • Translation of texts in other applications via the context menu
  • Useful little things: hints for speed dialing, language autodetection, saving translations in favorites, translation history
  • Android Wear support: you can say a word or phrase and see the translation on the watch screen

Android | iOS

Microsoft Translator

Microsoft has released and is constantly updating its translator. Microsoft Translator will become an indispensable travel assistant. The app allows you to translate text or speech, conversations and even download languages for offline use. More than 60 languages are now available, including common European and Asian groups.

Android | iOS

Collecting things and planning

Easy Pack – a list of things for the trip

Free application for creating lists for trips and for everyday life. It contains a list (checklist) of things, tasks and purchases that need to be done before leaving the house. Simple and intuitive, it works very quickly, while taking up very little space on the phone. All elements can be easily adapted to your needs and used many times. The application will independently compile a list for you, taking into account:

  • Where are you going
  • What are you planning to do
  • How do you get there
  • Who are you traveling with

You can create a list with the Easy Pack Assistant, which will generate the list automatically. In addition, you can choose from a variety of ready-made templates or create a list yourself. Now you don't have to think about the things you need to take with you. Easy Pack will tell you exactly what you need on your trip.


PackPoint Travel Packing List

Free app for creating and managing travel lists.

This app can practically collect your luggage for you. Indicate your destination, departure date, length of stay and PackPoint will form a list of things taking into account:

  • The nature of the trip (business or tourist)
  • Purpose of the trip
  • Features of international travel
  • Warm / cold weather
  • Chances of rain
  • Your desire to wear your favorite shirt / pants, dress / skirt on the trip
  • The presence of a washing machine at the place of stay

Once you've created and saved your travel lists with PackPoint, you can share them with friends and family if they're on the road too.

Android | iOS

In the airoport


Airport directory with worldwide list of VOLMET stations, NOTAM stations, SNOWTAM decoder, METAR and TAF reports, favorites, tools and the ability to save your own notes of the airports you visit frequently.

  • The database contains over 27,000 airports around the world
  • Quick search system allows you to find airports by city, name, ICAO, IATA or local ID
  • Add your own notes for the airports you visit frequently. Attach photos, PDFs and many other file types to notes and view them in the app
  • Airport data includes time zone, sunrise / sunset times and ATIS frequencies for most major airports
  • With the iPhone, it is possible to call directly to the ATIS telephone line of the airports that provide this service
  • Satellite imagery online for all airports (internet connection required). Optionally, in the application settings, you can select the source of satellite image data. Satellite images can also be saved for offline use
  • METAR and TAF reports (Internet connection required). Downloaded weather is saved and kept for 48 hours for offline viewing

Android | iOS

In the underground


Plan metro trips around the world and see the travel times, taking into account transfers. The app will build the best route, tell you which carriage is better to sit in, show the exits from the station on the map and warn about overlaps.

  • Metro map with additional information (The map shows which stations are closed for repairs, and how it is easier to get to the station and the airport. If you zoom in on the map, more information will be displayed: for example, the transition between stations)
  • Optimal routes and carriages for convenient transfers (Yandex.Metro takes into account the travel time, the number of transfers and stations closed for repairs. The application will tell you which train car is better to get into in order to get there faster and not waste time on the transition)
  • Information about exits from the metro (Each station has detailed information: how many exits and which streets they lead to, opening hours and overlap warnings. The application will help to call a taxi to the desired entrance)
  • Payment for travel (In Yandex.Metro, you can top up the balance of the Moscow transport cards "Troika" and "Strelka")
  • Accessibility (App adapted for TalkBack mode so that people with vision problems can use it)
  • The app contains more than 30 metro maps of different cities of the world: Russia (Volgograd, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Samara, St. Petersburg), Austria (Vienna), Azerbaijan (Baku), Armenia (Yerevan), Belarus (Minsk ), Bulgaria (Sofia), Hungary (Budapest), Greece (Athens), Georgia (Tbilisi), Italy (Milan, Rome), Kazakhstan (Almaty), UAE (Dubai), Poland (Warsaw), Portugal (Lisbon), Romania (Bucharest), USA (San Francisco), Turkey (Istanbul), Uzbekistan (Tashkent), Ukraine (Dnipro, Kiev, Kharkov), Finland (Helsinki), Czech Republic (Prague)

Android | iOS

On the train

IndianRailway Offline TimeTable

Recommended for those who are going to India or are already there. With this program, you can easily find out the train schedule and build your route. You can access train timetables and find your destination easily without internet connection. Internet connection is only required to update the app.


Eurail/Interrail Rail Planner

A good app for anyone traveling in Europe on Eurail and InterRail trains. Now you can easily find the nearest station and check the train departure times, even if there is no Wi-Fi hotspot nearby.

Android | iOS


Free Wi-Fi

The solution to all problems. Wi-Fi passwords and hints from real people around the world. You can add a new network or connect to existing points. This app allows any android smartphone to search for an open Wi-Fi network and connect to it automatically. The application saves used data and allows you to quickly switch among the available networks. You can connect / disconnect from any network simply by clicking on it.

Note: Please note that this app only shows available, free networks. You will not be able to connect to a secured network.


Wi-Fi Map

Sometimes when traveling, the Internet still becomes necessary, but its cost in roaming goes beyond all conceivable boundaries. In such a situation, the Wi-Fi Map application with passwords to free Wi-Fi around the world comes in handy.


WiFi Map TripBox: Find Hotspot

An alternative to Wi-Fi Map with passwords to free Wi-Fi around the world for your iOS smartphone.


Instabridge – WiFi Passwords

Everyone has been in such a situation: you urgently need free Wi-Fi, but you do not know where you can connect to it and do not want to search for it all over the city. You no longer need to ask for a Wi-Fi password for every new network.

Instabridge is a community of people who share Wi-Fi passwords around the world. The database contains more than 4 million passwords and access points, and their number is growing every day!

The app is free, saves mobile traffic and helps those who need free Wi-Fi.

An offline map is ideal for travel. With over 4 million passwords and hotspots in our database, it's your ability to connect to Wi-Fi anytime, anywhere.

Just download the app >> Automatically connect to Wi-Fi >> Become part of the community

Android | iOS

Swift WiFi

Sharing free Wi-Fi around the world. Free app to help you find Wi-fi hotspots in another country. The application database is constantly updated and currently has more than 5 million hotspots.

In addition to helping you find free Wi-Fi, the app is also an effective management tool that increases productivity and optimizes your Wi-Fi connection by connecting to the optimal signal. With the Smart WiFi function, you can set a specific Wi-Fi on / off mode under different circumstances, which saves battery power and reduces radiation.

Note: Before connecting to a new Wi-Fi network, especially a public or open one, we recommend that you use the “security check” feature of our application to ensure your online safety.


WiFi Connect

You will be able to find internet access points, use addresses or search on a map. More than 2 million access points on all continents and countries: USA, Europe, South America, China and Asia.

Share access passwords right in the app. Add your network and update passwords. Save money on roaming, 3G and LTE.


Find Free Wi-Fi

The app finds and automatically connects to free or poorly secured Internet access points.

You don't have to be a hacker to use this app. It is very easy to use, does not require additional settings, allows you to analyze and test the Wi-Fi network around. You will be notified when you can connect to the Internet. The signal strength map allows you to quickly find the best surfing spot, download files, play games, watch online TV or listen to the radio.

There are many open Internet hotspots, they can be found almost everywhere, on the street, at school, in shopping centers, near hotels and restaurants, in the subway, maybe even your neighbors have an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

We care about privacy, this application does not steal passwords or any other personal information.


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