15 signs that you urgently need to go on vacation

The Association of European Psychotherapists has identified clear symptoms when postponing rest is simply dangerous for the body.

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Freedom to "circus horses"!

The "circus horse" syndrome occurs when, as they say, everyone rides you, and even spurs you on. Usually this condition occurs in executive, obligatory and unresponsive workers. A lot of not the most interesting work is piled on them in the team, which everyone else wants to shove off. As a result, a person plows like an employee, and all the laurels go to colleagues.

Over time, the victim of the syndrome develops self-dissatisfaction and a sense of a loop of life, like that circus pony.

But one day the "quiet horse" can kick up. Then the syndrome becomes a reaction of internal psychological protest: you push me, but I am tired and I feel bad!

The main problems: if normal fatigue accumulates in the late afternoon, then with the "circus horse" syndrome it is constant, irritability, discontent with others increase, communication difficulties arise (a person is sure that everyone is using him, trying to achieve something at his expense).

Another very common type of office fatigue is "prison syndrome". We are talking only about cramped offices, where such an important psychological concept as "personal space" is limited to a couple of square meters. A person morally and physically just gets tired of the accuracy.

The main problems: fatigue, inability to concentrate, headaches towards the end of the day, nervousness and back pain.

And whom you can't kick out on vacation ...

The "freeloaders" with a sense of the need for a vacation are all right! They will find any excuse to leave the office early.

Unfortunately, it is usually difficult to push out on vacation people who are conscientious and very responsible, with a developed sense of guilt. Often, the reluctance to temporarily change the daily lifestyle "home-office-lunch-office-home" is a symptom of anxious depression. A person is simply scared to start a new business, he hides in his work from some difficulties of the "big world" outside the office window and loneliness. So take a closer look at a colleague who is always ready to be on duty at the weekend and replace everyone, maybe his life is not the best period and he needs help ...

Another category of those who are not doing well with vacation is the uncollected people with the "dunno syndrome". They always spin like a squirrel in a wheel, but they absolutely do not know how to organize either their working day, much less a week. So it turns out that they are exhausting no less than others, and a bunch of cases only grows. What kind of rest is there ...

Check yourself

Go through the short text "When you can no longer delay with the rest"

  1. A sharp increase in fatigue, asthenia (weakness, lethargy).
  2. Frequent headaches, occurring mainly in the afternoon.
  3. They began to notice involuntary movements behind themselves - you clench your fists, shudder, your arms and legs twitch.
  4. Even with slight exertion, palpitations and anxiety occur.
  5. They began to disrupt the usual work schedule, for example, to look for an excuse to come later or to postpone major tasks until late in the evening.
  6. Uncertainty in the correctness of the solution to the simplest production problems.
  7. A personal and professional non-obligation, unusual for you, has appeared.
  8. By the end of the week, I have no strength at all. Postponing work until Monday brings temporary relief. And on Monday morning - depression.
  9. Feel like you are turning into an obsolete robot. The level of enthusiasm and the desire to solve problems in a creative way is sharply reduced.
  10. For no good reason, distance yourself from your coworkers. You avoid socializing with friends after work, you lose your previous interests.
  11. A feeling of resentment, boredom, disappointment arises from scratch.
  12. Feelings of uncertainty, guilt, and lack of demand began to prevail.
  13. Loss of pleasure in work and a sense of satisfaction after doing it.
  14. Rigidity (low adaptability to any difficulties), stupor before some new task and a general negative attitude towards life prospects.
  15. You notice that recently you have started drinking more alcohol, medicines, stimulants.

If you answered yes:

  • for 3-5 questions – there is still gunpowder in the flasks, just sleep well or get out of town
  • for 6-9 questions – your "batteries" require a good active two-week recharge
  • more than 10 questions – you already need rehabilitation with a complete change of scenery, and you need to patch up not only the soul, but also the body, and it would be better in a good sanatorium!

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