Traveler Fear or Phobia Factor

Each of us has fears. Of course, some have more fears than others. In medicine, persistent manifestations of various fears are called phobias. Today, according to doctors' estimates, 2-9% of the world's population are subject to various kinds of phobias (and there are only about 400 of them).

There are many things that can spoil the impression of a tourist trip. That is why the manager of the travel agency should help you decide on the route of travel, the choice of excursions, insure to the maximum against both very real and "invisible" problems.

But first, you yourself must understand if you are suffering from godophobia – the fear of traveling.

* * *

One of the most common fears is the fear of confined spaces. Tourists suffering from it should refrain from visiting the pyramids in Egypt and climbing the steep spiral staircases of medieval towers. It is not recommended to travel through the Channel Tunnel (connecting France and the UK), and the longest autotunnel in Norway between Laerdal and Aurland (24.5 km long). Rooms in hotels should be booked only on the lower floors, so as not to use the elevator, and on the train take a ticket to the reserved seat carriage.

Some people inherited the fear of riding in the railway transport from their ancestors, who were frightened by the first film of the Lumière brothers. Traveling on old and panoramic trains in Switzerland, Norway and Argentina is contraindicated for them.

But if only especially impressionable tourists suffer from the fear of travel by rail, then the circle of people thinking about flying in airplanes with horror is much wider. In these cases, it is recommended to choose a different mode of transport. The Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka will become an unattainable dream for tourists with this phobia, like other remote places that can only be reached by air.

People suffering from fear of the oceans and sea travel will have to give up cruises. You should not choose tourist programs on board ships with a visit to the Bahamas and the Caribbean Islands, the Maldives and Fiji, the mysterious Easter Island and the Antarctic ice field. Alternatively, you can take a tour of the French castles of the Loire Valley, Tibet, or a safari in the hot African deserts.

Thermophobia, heliophobia
There is a category of travelers prone to fear of heat and heated rooms, as well as obsessive fear of the sun. Together with aquaphobia or hydrophobia (fear of drowning, fear of entering the water and swimming), they are contraindicated in all beach resorts and the famous therapeutic thermal springs of the Czech Republic and Hungary. On the other hand, educational excursion programs in Europe in the spring-autumn period are ideal for you.

Cryophobia, kionophobia
The regions of Northern Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Iceland, Lapland, Spitsbergen, Chukotka and Antarctica are banned for those suffering from fear of cold, ice and snow. Also, people suffering from nyphobia (fear of the night) and auroraphobia (fear of the northern lights) should not go there.

The fear of open space does not bode well for any transportation problems. But if it is available, it is better to exclude from the trip a visit to the wilderness - the national parks of Kenya, Australia and the United States.

Tourists suffering from fear of bridges in St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Amsterdam will feel uncomfortable.

Tourists fearing ruins will be horrified by the picturesque ruins of the ancient Kerak castle in Jordan, the remains of the walls of a temple excavated near Rome and the pyramids of the ancient Mayans in Mexico.

Mountains, cable cars, most attractions in amusement parks, skyscrapers and towers, including the Eiffel Tower in Paris, are contraindicated for travelers with a fear of heights.

With signs of fear of spiders, tourists are advised to refrain from traveling to Cambodia, where spiders are an object of worship and an exquisite delicacy prepared with chili and garlic. Unpleasant minutes can be delivered by abandoned cute village houses, where the corners are covered with cobwebs, so you better not choose agricultural tours.

If you are afraid of snakes, then going to Thailand, you should not include a visit to the crocodile-snake farm in the trip program.

With this phobia, you will have to abandon the horse routes in Altai and Tibet, the Andes and the Cordilleras, and travel along the Chinese Great Silk Road.

If you are afraid of bulls, you are contraindicated for visiting bullfighting in Spain.

This phobia, consisting in the fear of objects of religious worship, will manifest itself at the sight of temples and cathedrals, including the famous Cologne Cathedral in Germany.

A very strange phobia. But if you still suffer from it, then you are not recommended to visit the Vatican – the residence of the Pope.

Another inexplicable, but common fear is the fear of clowns. Therefore, you should not go to the circus and fairs, even the most famous and fun ones.

Social phobia
If you are a tourist with a fear of the crowds, then you will not be able to participate in the Brazilian carnivals and visit the stadium during the FIFA World Cup. You will also not like the big cities like Tokyo, New York, Paris, London, Cairo and Mexico City. But you will be very grateful to the manager who offered you a vacation on the quiet uninhabited islands in the Indian Ocean and the Caribbean, or ideal conditions for meditation in Tibet.

Parascaidekatriaphobia, triskaidekaphobia
Travelers suffering from a fear of Friday or the 13th of the month pay great attention to the date and day of the trip. And most likely they will give up even the most luxurious tour if it happens on Friday the 13th.

* * *

Choosing a journey in which you do not have to face your fear, you will undoubtedly receive long-awaited relief and inner peace. And your vacation will not be overshadowed by anything. There are so many fascinating things in the world!

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