Police oddities from different countries

Abroad is not ours. If you are going abroad, then familiarize yourself with the customs of the country: for example, with a guide.

When talking to a police officer, it is better not to gesticulate violently with excuses, but smile and use calm and correct speech to make excuses.

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In all tourist areas of Egypt there are tourist police offices, and no matter what happens, the tourist will not get into the usual section. In the event of a collision with local citizens, the Egyptian state is always on the side of the foreigner. During a conflict with hotel employees (for example, for losing a room key), if they start extorting money from you, you can safely call the police or threaten them with it. The Egyptians are very afraid of their police.


There is also a tourist police here, but the attitude towards private property is not the same as in Egypt.

In case of non-payment, the police will take the side of the owner of the hotel, shop or restaurant. First rule! Even if you are sure of a fraud, pay first, ask for a signed check or invoice, and then just call the police. If the owner is to blame, he will return the money, but nevertheless, the procedure is as follows: first payment – then the police.

They will go to Istanbul jail for transporting drugs on an especially large scale. Nobody is imprisoned for violent drunkenness, fights and theft. Nevertheless, there are incidents with thefts, counterfeit dollars, hooliganism happens, but in any case, you can always pay off.

There are justices of the peace in Turkey. If a tourist has an accident, and no one was injured to death, the case is sent to the magistrate, the parties agree amicably. Moreover, to the honor of the Turks, they always agree.


The police here are friendly. You can contact them with any question. There is the tourist police, whose staff is even more friendly and speaks English.


  • You cannot be rude to the Thai police, they do not forgive such behavior.
  • It is very expensive to pay off. Nudism is prohibited in Thailand. Topless at the wrong time in the wrong place without the right amount of money will end in proceedings at the police station.
  • As in Turkey, in the event of a conflict, it is better to pay first and then threaten with the police. The police like to drag out the case, forcing them to sit for hours at the station, so you will not be glad to be contacted.

United Arab Emirates

The most law-abiding citizens in the world live here. In the UAE, it is better to know and follow the laws, here it is strict with this. Some ten years ago, there was almost no crime here. But crowds of shuttles, pickpockets, prostitutes poured in. Their influx here is associated with tourists. Local authorities are sick and tired of tourist crime. It’s easy to get to jail here.

  • Everyone in a row is imprisoned in local prisons - both real bandits and poor fellows on a spree.
  • In Sharjah, a thief or an alcoholic (even a tourist!) Can be sentenced to punishment in the form of 100-150 blows with sticks. A person convicted by a Sharia court is beaten publicly in a special place, and then dragged to a civil court, where he will be awarded a fine and imprisonment.
  • In Dubai, the situation is easier, foreigners are not subjected to Sharia courts, but they are ruthlessly imprisoned.
  • Police officers are usually on duty in uniform, but more often in civilian clothes. These are police agents. Do not try to go out with alcoholic drinks in your hands during the holy month of Ramadan. Even if you want to walk to a nearby hotel. Get caught by agents and get a month in jail.
  • He pulled off the gold chain – six months.
  • For the threat of murder – 7 years.
  • For insulting a local woman, they will be fined and may be imprisoned. Photographing, annoying pursuit, some kind of useless courtship can be considered an insult - you cannot give a hand, let a woman go ahead at the door.
  • His favorite method of fighting crime is provocation. The policeman invites a prostitute into the room – here's from 3 to 5 without any witnesses. The agent at the disco offers to sniff cocaine, agreed – get from 2 to 5 years. Drug dealers are executed by special order of the sheikh.
  • If there is any trouble on the road, you just need to wait 5-7 minutes. In cities, patrolling is structured in such a way that the police pass every point every 7 minutes.

[ ! ] When you go for a walk – always have a copy of your passport, hotel card, insurance document with you. It is better to keep the passport itself at the hotel and take it with you only if necessary.

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