How much money to leave for the last day of vacation

Many tourists are famous for the fact that they can relax "to the fullest", having spent every last penny. Raking out of the wallet and spending the rest of the change, they do not think that they may find themselves in a critical situation when money is urgently needed. How much do you need to have "for a rainy day"?

* * *

Flight delay

Whatever the flight, charter or regular, anyone can delay. Of course, according to our legislation, air carriers are obliged to:

  • passengers with children under the age of 7 to be provided with a seat in the room of the mother and child
  • give the opportunity to make two phone calls or send two messages by e-mail
  • provide refreshments if you wait more than two hours
  • feed with a hot lunch if the flight is delayed by more than four hours
  • feed every six hours during the day and every eight hours at night
  • when waiting for departure more than eight hours in the daytime and more than six hours at night, airlines must accommodate passengers at the hotel and ensure their delivery by transport from the airport to the hotel and back

However, in practice this is not always done, and the rules of foreign carriers may be less humane.

You can sort things out with the airline, sue it and demand compensation for all inconveniences caused, moral damage and costs actually incurred, but this will be later. And I want to eat here and now.

As practice shows, flights are rarely delayed for more than two days (during this time, aviation and other authorities usually manage to take some measures). It is from this period that we will make a start in the calculations.

Everyone's requests are different, but if you take it to a minimum, basic necessities – drink, food and paid toilets – will require about $ 100.

If you don't want to while away a couple of nights on suitcases at the airport, it is better to set aside another $ 200-300 for a hotel. As a rule, it will not be possible to quickly find a decent lodging for two days cheaper.

You need to have about $ 100 more in stock for a taxi to the city if there are no places in the hotel closest to the airport. Of course, if you're lucky, the tourist will get there for $ 5 by metro or bus, but events can unfold at night. $ 50 is the average price you can get from many airports in the world.

Total: depending on the set of services $ 100-500

* * *


Injury can be another unpleasant and unforeseen source of expense. Not a single travel company without insurance will sell a voucher abroad today, not a single European state will issue a visa. However, individual travelers can still get to some countries with a simplified visa regime without an insurance policy. We have already written that this is unreasonable. Let us only recall that medical services for a simple fracture will cost several thousand dollars (! Nothing less) will be required for transportation, X-rays, other examinations, doctor's consultation, application of plaster, crutches, etc.

If the insurance is with a deductible (usually $ 50-100), then you must have them with you. An unconditional deductible assumes that this money from the total amount of the treatment bill will have to be paid in any case. If the contract specifies a conditional deductible, you will have to pay only if the cost of medical services does not exceed this amount.

Insurance usually only covers transportation of the victim from the scene of the accident to the clinic. If he was not hospitalized, then he will have to go to the hotel himself and at his own expense, perhaps go to get medicines, so it would not hurt to leave about $ 100 for travel expenses.

In most cases, the tourist who reported the accident will be sent by the insurance company (or an assistant company representing it on the spot) to a clinic with which there is an agreement on payment by bank transfer. But in rare cases, if there is no such medical center nearby, the victim will be offered to contact the nearest clinic and pay for the treatment himself. The money will be reimbursed to him at home later, but it will not hurt to have at least $ 2,000-3,000 in the account for such a case. It is clear that most of those who go on cheap tours cannot afford such a luxury. In case of an accident, they can be advised to report the lack of funds to the insurance company - perhaps its employees will come up with something or be able to take the unfortunate person to another hospital.

The average € 30,000-50,000 insurance should cover most accidents. But with more serious problems, when the most complicated operation and further long-term hospitalization are urgently needed, this amount will not be enough. We are talking about tens of thousands of dollars, and therefore, how much you need to have in your account is almost impossible to say. In such a situation, it is better to have not a hundred rubles, but a hundred friends, because most likely you cannot do without help from your homeland.

Total: $ 200-3,000 and above

* * *

Other expenses

Every season, the media tell scary stories about Turkish-Arab hotels, where tourists simply refuse to lodge or, if there is reason to believe that the tour operator will not pay, they are evicted ahead of time. It will take about two days to clarify the relationship, who owes whom to whom. If during this time the situation is not resolved, the authorities will join the conflict, and some vacationers will still "warm up". If you believe that the shell does not fall into one funnel twice, you can hope for a stash from a flight delay. But the most cautious would prefer to leave another $ 300-400 for their daily bread and a roof over their heads.

If a tourist loses his passport, he will not be allowed to go home for no reason. You will have to contact the consulate, where they must issue a certificate for returning home. This is not done for free: the cost varies depending on the country - from $ 50 to $ 100. About $ 200-300 more will come in handy if the embassy is located in another city, not where the hotel was paid for. In addition, the consulate may not have a reception day, a day off or a holiday.

In the darkest holiday scenario, a vacationer may need bail for release from custody and funds for a lawyer's fees. This is where hundreds of thousands of dollars in a bank account would come in handy. If they are not there, then do not forget at least about the "stash" for the "call to a friend". Being in your own country, it is easier to sort things out with a domestic travel agency, to attract the attention of compatriots, the press and the authorities to the problem, but for this, a friend must receive up-to-date information. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to have another $ 50-100 for using the phone and the Internet.

Total: minimum $ 400-600

* * *

Summing up

Thus, you should always have a safety reserve of at least $ 800-1,000. Most of the money can be stored on a plastic card, but $ 200-300 can be left in cash – these are funds for toilets, taxis, telephone and other small services that often cannot be paid with a card, and there is no ATM nearby. However, it all depends on the country. In some places, a credit card will be a useless piece of plastic.

Traveling with children should double the minimum amount – a child may need much more than an adult, although in most countries a tourist with a child will be more likely to meet halfway and provide some services for free.

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