Entry rules for Egypt


Egypt lifts all quarantine requirements

From June 17, 2022, Egypt lifts all restrictions related to COVID-19.

Travelers are no longer required to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates and PCR test results to enter the country.


Egypt's entry rules allow for several types of controls to allow tourists to enter the country

[ ! ] Coronavirus testing and vaccination certificates do not apply to children under 12 (changed in December 2021, previously under 6). They are exempted from taking tests and from the requirement to show proof of vaccination.

* * *

Entering Egypt with PCR test

All arriving travelers and even locals must provide an original PCR negative certificate in English or Arabic. Testing should be carried out no earlier than 72 hours before entry (in another interpretation - before the departure of a direct flight to Egypt, but we would advise not to risk it) and no later than 24 hours. The term is counted from the moment of sampling of the biomaterial.

A doctor's signature and a blue ("wet") seal of the medical organization or a QR code that leads to the laboratory's website with analysis details is required.

Another important, clarified condition: the document must indicate the method of the study carried out. Need Real Time PCR (other spellings are RT-PCR or RT PCR). Demand in the laboratory that it was prescribed in this way, and not just a PCR, otherwise the entry into Egypt may be closed for you.

Previously, only paper certificates were accepted in Cairo (it is not known at the moment whether there have been any changes). At the airports of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, an electronic version with a QR or barcode is also suitable, but the code should not lead to the laboratory's website, but to a page with the traveler's data and the result of his test.

There are no specific requirements for entry into Egypt in this regard, but we advise you to have a paper certificate with you to avoid unnecessary problems and a copy! (A copy is taken somewhere, somewhere not, but you need to do it!)

* * *

Antigen tests and other tests

From December 2021, entry into Egypt is possible with other coronavirus testing options: Abbot's ID Now or rapid antigen test, the results of which are known almost immediately. The validity of such tests is only 24 hours.

* * *

Visit Egypt with a vaccination certificate

Vaccination, moreover, complete must be carried out with one of the drugs approved in the ARE. Here is a complete list of vaccines approved in Egypt:

  • Pfizer
  • AstraZeneca
  • Moderna
  • Sinopharma
  • Sinovac
  • Johnson&Johnson
  • Sputnik V

[ ! ] Important: the rules for entering Egypt require that the full course of vaccination be completed no later than 14 days before entry!

The certificate is provided in English only.

[ ✓ ] Travelers vaccinated with APE-approved vaccines are exempt from PCR testing. Unless you are entering Egypt from countries where coronavirus mutations have been recorded.

Tourists revaccinated by Sputnik Light after Sputnik V are treated as unvaccinated by the rules of entry into Egypt. In this regard, in order to travel to Egypt, such travelers will have to present a negative result of a PCR test with a QR code.

* * *

Airport tests upon arrival

Possible if you are flying direct to one of the following destinations: Marsa Alam, Taba, Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. The cost will be $ 30.

There is an important "but": until the result is obtained, you must be in quarantine in a special area of your hotel. You will have to wait a day. Plus, there may be a queue for change at the airport.

* * *

COVID-19 Form

You must fill out this form (it does not open from all IP addresses) either on the plane (the form will be given) or at the airport of arrival. This is a common three-sheet health declaration during a pandemic. It is unnecessary to print and fill in advance.

* * *

Self-isolation, quarantine

Quarantine is possible only if the test is passed upon arrival and until the result is obtained. However, the website of the Egyptian airline says: "passengers arriving in Egypt will be monitored by quarantine services and the Ministry of Health for 14 days."

* * *

Medical insurance

The rules for entering Egypt do not require mandatory medical insurance. If you go to Egypt as part of an organized tour, insurance will be taken into account in the price and will fall on the shoulders of the tour operator, and if on your own, it will not be superfluous to arrange it. In the current situation, this is a reasonable decision.

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