Rules for entering Hong Kong

December 14, 2022

Restrictions for incoming tourists eased

From December 14, 2022, the "0+3" regime ceases to operate in Hong Kong.

Arriving solo travelers will still be required to undergo PCR testing upon arrival. However, after receiving a negative result, the health monitoring application will display not an amber code, but a blue one, which will allow you to visit public places, cafes and restaurants from the first day of your stay. That is, three days of home isolation will no longer be necessary.

Decided to stop using the LeaveHomeSafe app, which was used for movement control and contact tracing. However, certain locations, including some restaurants, will continue to be required to provide proof of COVID vaccination. Which ones, exactly, is not specified.

A few days ago, the Hong Kong authorities reduced the mandatory quarantine period for coronavirus patients and close contacts to 5 days.

The rules for testing for coronavirus for tourists arriving in Hong Kong have also changed. Now they are:

  • An antigen test is enough before flying to Hong Kong
  • In addition to testing upon arrival, the PCR test must also be passed on the third day of your stay in Hong Kong
  • During the first five days, you need to monitor your condition using daily rapid antigen tests (previously – within seven days, the period has been reduced)

The country still has a requirement to wear face masks, including outdoors.

The ban on public gatherings of more than 12 people continues to apply.

November 18, 2022

Another change for tourists arriving in Hong Kong

From November 20, 2022, arriving travelers will have to take only two PCR tests in Hong Kong itself instead of the four currently required: at the airport upon arrival and on the third day of stay.

However, daily rapid tests will continue to be required until the seventh day of stay.

You don’t need to do a PCR test before departure – an express antigen test is enough to board the plane, passed no earlier than 24 hours before departure.

Entry of persons 12 years of age or older arriving from outside of China is only permitted if fully vaccinated. Of the Russian vaccines, Sputnik V is recognized.

November 17, 2022

Cancellation of part of covid restrictions

From November 17, 2022, tourists who arrive in groups, as well as local residents returning to their homeland, are allowed to visit theme parks, museums and some other entertainment venues from the first minutes of their stay in the enclave.

Bars, cafes, restaurants, gyms, public skating rinks, cinemas and concert venues - no earlier than three days after the next PCR test, the second in a row.

In total, travelers in the first week in Hong Kong will have to pass four tests. Daily rapid tests are still required until the seventh day of stay.

There is no mandatory quarantine for foreigners from September 26, 2022.

September 25, 2022

New rules for entry and stay

From September 26, 2022, new rules for travelers are introduced:

  • You don’t have to do a PCR test before departure - a rapid antigen test is enough no earlier than 24 hours before departure
  • PCR test will have to be taken upon arrival in Hong Kong
  • It is allowed to leave the airport by public transport
  • Canceled hotel quarantine
  • 3 days of self-observation with daily testing remain
  • Results must be uploaded to the Leave Home Safe app
  • During this period, visits to almost all institutions and institutions are allowed, except for catering.
  • Mask required
  • If you are coming from any country other than Mainland China, Taiwan or Macau, a certificate of vaccination with approved vaccines is still required for entry. "Sputnik V" is received
  • Unvaccinated children under 12 accompanied by fully vaccinated parents are exempt from this requirement

Testing schedule:

Day of stay


Permitted movements

0 (day of arrival)

PCR test at the airport + express test

Only in a mask.
Visiting catering establishments is prohibited.


Express test

Only in a mask.
Visiting catering establishments is prohibited.


PCR test + express test

Only in a mask.
Visiting catering establishments is prohibited.


Express test

Restrictions are removed in the morning with a negative PCR test


PCR test + express test

Free with a negative result


Express test

Free with a negative result


PCR test + express test

Free with a negative result


Express test

Free with a negative result

September 18, 2022

Hong Kong is preparing to completely lift the hotel quarantine

This is reported by the local newspaper Oriental Daily, citing unnamed sources.

According to the publication, the current "3 + 4" scheme (three days in a quarantine hotel plus four days of self-control with daily antigen testing and uploading the results to the Leave Home Safe application) can be replaced by "0 + 7".

During the weekly self-monitoring, it will be possible to go anywhere, but only in a mask. You can not only under any circumstances in places of public catering. You will have to eat at your place of residence. Shops are allowed.

The exact date of such an indulgence is not specified, but it may be announced as early as next week.

Travelers who test positive for coronavirus will no longer be taken to the infamous Penny's Bay isolation camp. But this is only from November 1, 2022.

In Hong Kong, it pays to stay ready for a tightening of anti-COVID policy at any moment.

August 8, 2022

Hong Kong cuts mandatory quarantine from 7 to 3 days

This is a much larger step in easing restrictions on incoming tourists than anticipated.

However, please note that the day of arrival is considered "zero" day. That is, if you arrived in Hong Kong on Monday, you can leave the quarantine hotel no earlier than 12:00 Thursday.

Hotel isolation will be followed by 4 days of medical supervision, which prescribes daily rapid testing for coronavirus and uploading test results to the Leave Home Safe application. During this period, travelers are allowed to visit shopping centers, company offices, as well as use public transport - only in masks. No restaurants, bars, nightclubs or gyms. If the tests show a negative result, the green light will turn on in the application.

Health officials also introduced a tiered health code system similar to that used in mainland China.

Despite steps taken to reopen its international borders and bring back inbound tourism, Hong Kong's complete abandonment of its COVID-19 measures is unlikely.

Recall that the entrance to the unvaccinated is completely closed. Of the Russian anti-covid vaccines, only Sputnik V has been approved.

July 25, 2022

Hong Kong tries to ease covid measures

In the next week or two, the government plans to make a decision to reduce the quarantine period for arriving tourists from seven to four to five days.

After isolation in a special hotel, the traveler will be issued a so-called "yellow health code" for two or three days, depending on which scheme is approved by the authorities – 5 + 2 or 4 + 3. With this code, it will not be possible to visit "high-risk areas". This refers to places where people gather. After the allotted time has passed, the Leave Home Safe app will unlock access.

A "red code" will be assigned to those infected with COVID, which means home isolation and an electronic bracelet to track whether you go anywhere outside of your place of residence or not. This measure has been in effect since July 15, 2022.

In addition, from July 28, Hong Kong will require travelers to complete a health declaration before boarding a flight, rather than after landing. In the form on the website, you need to upload a certificate of vaccination (“Sputnik V” is accepted), a certificate with the result of a PCR test and a confirmation of booking a quarantine hotel. Based on these documents, a QR code will be generated, which will be required to be presented upon departure and upon arrival.

The unvaccinated are not allowed.

July 14, 2022

Hong Kong's new health minister says no need to copy mainland China's "COVID zero" policy

Hong Kong is gradually easing entry restrictions, but still requires all arrivals to undergo a one-week quarantine at a designated facility

In addition, the option of replacing quarantine in hotels with home isolation is being considered, but with the control of the movement of citizens using an electronic bracelet.

We are not talking about completely free access for travelers to Hong Kong. Even with the abolition of quarantine, tests, a ban on visiting certain public places in the first days of stay will remain.

July 7, 2022

Hong Kong lifts no-fly policy

Throughout the pandemic, sanctions on carriers were in effect in this special administrative region of the PRC.

If on a particular flight to Hong Kong there were 3 (since May 1 of this year - 5) people or more than 5% of the total number of arrivals, the airline was prohibited from operating this route for a certain time. At first, the ban period was 2 weeks, then 7 days, recently it was reduced to 5 days.

In 2022, about 100 such rulings were issued.

From today, the so-called "circuit breaker mechanism" will be suspended until further notice, the government said in a statement.

At the same time, the COVID testing regime is becoming even stricter – there will be more tests for coronavirus during a stay in Hong Kong. There is also a 7-day quarantine upon arrival at one of the special hotels.

April 22, 2022

Hong Kong to lift entry ban for non-residents

From May 01, 2022, only vaccinated travelers will be allowed to enter (Sputnik V is accepted) with the obligatory observance of strict 7-day isolation in specially designated hotels.

A PCR test is required and must be done less than 48 hours before departure.

In addition, in Hong Kong itself, you will have to undergo testing: one upon arrival, another in a quarantine hotel.

The existing anti-COVID measures make it possible to suspend flights on a particular route if there are 3 or more infected passengers on the plane (from May 1, this threshold will be increased to 5 passengers).

The ban on the arrival of foreigners in Hong Kong who do not have documents for the right to reside in the Special Administrative Region of China has been in place since March 2020.

March 21, 2022

Hong Kong eases coronavirus restrictions from April 1, 2022

The period of mandatory quarantine in specially designed hotels is reduced from 14 to 7 days.

Starting April 21, Hong Kong plans to further ease anti-COVID measures, including social distancing rules, allowing up to 4 people to dine in restaurants, gyms, massage parlors and public entertainment centers to reopen. After the Easter break, schools will begin to gradually return to face-to-face teaching.

In particular, air communication with Australia, Canada, France, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Great Britain and the USA is being restored.

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