What do you need to know for sun protection

You are tired of cloudy weather, and you want sunshine so much! The time has come, and you are planning a vacation to hot countries that you have long dreamed of ...

It has long been known that the sun is the guarantor of health and the source of life on Earth. It brings us joy, improves blood circulation, activates metabolism. When exposed to sunlight, our skin produces vitamin D, a building block for bones and teeth.

But at the same time, the sun is very dangerous for unprotected skin. Do not ignore the warnings of doctors and cosmetologists.

The sun's rays are divided into ultraviolet (UVB is the culprit of sunburn, UVA is the cause of premature skin aging) and infrared – the source of the sensation of heating of the skin. To avoid burns and prevent immediately invisible damage to the skin, it is necessary to use sunscreen with UVA-, UVB-filters and sun protection factor.

If you are planning to relax in the sun, do not forget to get all the necessary medications!

Sunbathers are advised to use base sunscreen emulsions with UVA and UVB filters from 5 to 50 SPF. They will help you get a safe tan, even while swimming in the water, as they are waterproof. A sun cream with a high SPF 50 index is an indispensable friend of the owners of very fair skin. Thanks to this "secret weapon" you will protect yourself from dangerous burns and redness. For people with dark skin, a cream with SPF 5 is suitable, which provides an intense and even tanning effect.

After sun exposure and swimming in seawater, the skin becomes dry and requires special care. The sun-dried top layer of the skin can flake off. Use moisturizers to prevent this process. They will support and strengthen your tan.

Fans of the chocolate body should apply self-tanning a few days before vacation, so that during the first days of rest on the beach they do not shine white among the crowd of already tanned tourists.

A few tips for a quality tan:

  • Choose sun protection factor based on skin type, season, geographic location and time of day
  • Apply the protectant 15-20 minutes before sun exposure
  • Tan gradually, in the first days using drugs with high protective factors
  • Reapply protective agents every 2 hours
  • Do not stay in the sun between 11-14 hours
  • Drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration
  • Be sure to wear sunglasses and hats
  • Use after sun products after sunbathing

Parents (!) remember to apply sunscreen to your crumbs. The delicate skin of children must be protected in a special way, as it does not produce enough natural protective pigment melanin, and therefore it is more exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. Usually preparations for children do not contain chemical filters and dyes. Contains high quality and safer inorganic filters.

You need to prepare for the vacation in advance, preferably two weeks in advance. Plan everything carefully, think over what you need to take with you and what you can refuse. After all, more than once it turned out that the third pair of shoes was superfluous. But never spare space in your suitcase for skin care products. It is not always possible to buy your favorite drugs abroad or in another city. And the skin is your most beautiful outfit. Take care of her, and she will answer you with gratitude!

And remember, you shouldn't save on health!

Wish you a happy holiday!

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