What to take with you on vacation

Don't take a lot of things with you. Experienced travelers are advised to take more money.

  • When traveling, try to wear things that do not hinder your movements.
  • Choose universal clothes – for all occasions. Traveling is a case when it is better not to wear white: a beautiful view – for one day, and you will not end up with the hassle of washing. For the same reasons, it is better to take with you clothes made of fabric that contains viscose: it does not wrinkle in a suitcase and does not get dirty so quickly.
  • If you are traveling to a hotel of at least four stars, it is better to bring evening dress. There it is customary to come to dinner, if not in a tuxedo, then at least not in beach shorts.
  • It is best to pack your suitcase in the following sequence: put shoes and everything heavy on the bottom, then clothes (moreover, it is better to alternate wrinkled things – this way they will better preserve their appearance). Trousers in a suitcase can be carried without even wrinkling them or making folds. You put the un-ironed trousers with the upper part at the bottom of the suitcase, level them and put things. Then you wrap the trousers up, which have been sticking out all this time. Fasten the inner straps and tuck a pair of T-shirts on top to keep the suitcase packed very tightly. Fly to the resort – the trousers can be put on for the most sophisticated reception right away (if it didn't work the first time, contact the hotel ironing service).
  • Roll unpretentious toilet items into a "roll". In any case, it is necessary to plug the resulting spaces with linen so that nothing dangles in the suitcase: (!) This is the main condition.
  • Put the toothpaste and ballpoint pen in a case and somewhere in a separate place, rather than just shove it into a suitcase. Differential pressures can cause ink to leak out and one pen can leave an entire family unclothed. For the same reasons, it is best not to put alcohol in a suitcase or bag, even if wrapped in clothes for safety. Remember the morning smell of the tablecloth that had been doused with champagne the day before? It will also smell from a bag that has been lightly hit on the luggage conveyor.
  • Regardless of where you plan to travel, prepare a small first aid kit with essential medicines you may need while traveling. If you are currently taking any medication, stock up on a sufficient amount for the duration of your stay abroad, because you may not find analogues. 40-50% of tourists suffer from indigestion and the disease even has a name: "Traveler's diarrhea". So don't forget to take activated charcoal and some remedy for your intestinal upset. In exotic countries, for example, in Africa, you need to take bite repellents.
  • After packing the suitcase, fasten it again with the luggage strap: there will be more guarantees of the safety of the contents. Don't sneer at travelers who arrive at the airport with duct-wrapped suitcases. These people, perhaps, have already received their suitcase torn to pieces once and do not want a repetition of the previous tragedy. At some airports in the world there are special services that deal with packing in thick film. Protect your suitcase this way and it will last you much longer!

Happy Holidays!

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