Foreigners with COVID Driving in Cars Will Not Be Permitted


Foreigners with COVID Driving in Cars Will Not Be Permitted

However, the ban does not apply to all foreign citizens.

Foreigners entering Uzbekistan by car will not be allowed to enter the country if they are diagnosed with COVID-19 during testing at the border.

This was stated by the representative of the headquarters for the fight against coronavirus Botyr Kurbanov.

"Foreign citizens or stateless persons will not be allowed into the territory of the republic in the event of a positive test result when entering a vehicle," Kurbanov said during an online briefing.

This decision was approved by the republican special commission in order to prevent the import of COVID-19 from abroad.

Kurbanov clarified that the entry ban does not apply to foreigners and stateless persons working or permanently residing in Uzbekistan.

"If a coronavirus infection is detected, according to the level of the disease, they are sent to special hospitals or for home treatment," added a representative of the headquarters.

From October 1, 2020, Uzbekistan has opened borders for the entry and exit of any type of transport. Entrants are required to provide a negative PCR test for COVID, and from December 25, 2020, mandatory rapid tests have been introduced at airports, train stations and border crossings.

Mandatory express testing has been canceled from March 15, 2021. However, against the backdrop of a new increase in the number of cases from June 22, 2021, rapid tests for those entering are reintroduced.

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