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Public holidays

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January 1 – New Year

During the winter celebrations, the country has a magical atmosphere. Preparation begins almost from the begin...

January 14 – Defenders of the Motherland Day

This holiday symbolizes the freedom and independence of the state and is of great importance for the inhabitan...

March 8 – International Women's Day

Today this holiday is celebrated at the state level in 40 countries of the world

March 21 – Navruz

Translated from Farsi, Navruz means "New day" and is considered the beginning of a new year

May 9 – Day of Remembrance and Honor

On this day, they honor the memory of the participants in the Second World War, lay flowers at the foot of the...

September 1 – Independence Day

The whole republic widely and cheerfully celebrates the main national holiday of Uzbekistan - Independence Day

October 1 – Day of Teachers and Mentors

Schoolchildren, students congratulate teachers, teachers and mentors on their professional holiday

December 8 – Constitution Day

The day of the adoption of the basic law of the country is celebrated in Uzbekistan as a national and nationwi...

Ruza Hayit (Iid al-Fitr)

The national religious holiday is celebrated by all Muslims. Also known as Breaking the Fast

Kurban Khayit (Iid al-Adha)

This is the holiday of the completion of the Hajj, celebrated 70 days after Iid al-Adha, on the 10th day of th...


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