UAE changes rules for extending visitor visas


UAE changes rules for extending visitor visas

The United Arab Emirates has changed the rules for extending visitor visas

From December 13, 2022, for this you need to leave the country. Thus, the UAE returned to the standard procedure that existed until 2020 (there were some relaxations during the Covid period).

Under the new visa scheme, resident visa holders are given a six-month period to change status. If after this period the foreigner does not apply for a new visa or does not leave the country, he may be arrested for violating migration laws.

Tourists with a tourist visa will not be affected by this innovation. Citizens of Uzbekistan need a visa to the UAE. A visitor visa allows you to stay in the country for a longer period, but for its registration you will need an invitation from a resident - relatives, friends or company.

At the moment, the amendments have come into force in all emirates except Dubai. But soon the visa issuance system will be updated there too.

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