Hotel room classification

When booking a hotel room or buying a vacation voucher, they write the abbreviation of the type of accommodation on the territory of the hotel. From this abbreviation, you can understand how many people the room is designed for, how many beds it has, the type of room, what the view from the window will be and other details. The table below will help you find out which room you will be staying in.

Hotel – a hotel category, established by local certification authorities and displayed on the hotel brochure and entrance plate. In some countries, the hotel category is not set by stars, but by local characteristics. Subjective assessments of hotel categories are not taken into account

Ship – is the cruise ship chosen by the client to stay on board during the cruise. The cruise ship category is established by international certification bodies and is displayed in the booklet. Subjective assessments of the categories of the cruise ship are not taken into account


Per person, pax

Check in – time of check-in at the hotel

Check out – check out time from the hotel

Pool bar

* * *

Accommodation types by number of people

Single (SGL) – Single room or single occupancy in a double room (only one person lives in a room for two guests)

Double (DBL) – Double room with one large double bed

Twin (TWN) – Double room with two separate beds

DBL + ЕХВ – Triple accommodation (two adults on stationary beds, the third (child) on an extra bed)

Triple (TRPL) – A triple room with three beds (there can be either 3 single beds, or 1 double and 1 single. TRPL differs from DBL + EXB in that the third bed is also stationary)

Quadriple (QDPL) – Quadruple room

5 ADL – Five-bed room

Extra Bed (ExB) – An extra bed (as a rule, it is a folding bed or a sofa, it can be installed in any of the above rooms)

1 BDRM – 1 Bedroom Apartment

2 BDRM – Apartment with 2 bedrooms

Child (Chld) — A child for whom an additional payment is made (the age category is set by each hotel independently and is designated "Age")

Run of house (ROH) – Accommodation upon arrival (very popular in Asia). The advantage of such accommodation is the low cost of the room

* * *

Room types by class

Standard – A regular one-room suite

Superior – Superior single room (slightly better than Standard)

Suite – Two-room or large one-room suite

Mini Suite – Superior room (better than Superior)

Junior Suite – A superior room (usually a large comfortable room with a fenced-off bed, which can be converted into a living room during the day)

Senior Suite – Superior room (usually two-room: living room and bedroom)

Executive Suite – Two-bedroom superior room

King Suite – A superior room with 2 bedrooms, a living room and a meeting room or study

Family Room – Two-room suite for a family (accommodation for 4 or more people)

Deluxe – Room with more expensive furnishings

Concierge Room – A room with a higher level of service compared to standard

Apartments – A room with a layout close to apartments, usually has a kitchen or kitchen area, consists of 2 or more rooms (the price does not include meals at the hotel)

Executive – Superior room, consisting of 2 or more rooms, located in a specially designated area of the hotel (a higher level of service and additional free services are offered)

Studio – One-room studio with a kitchen area

Honeymoon Room – Room for newlyweds

Honeymoon Suite

Duplex – Two-story room

Connection (Connedted Room) – Adjoining / communicating rooms that have a door between them (can be combined into one room). Usually 2 standard rooms are combined, less often – a standard room with a room of a higher category

Balcony Room – Room with a balcony

Corner Room

Pool Access – Room or detached bungalow / villa with direct access to the pool

Business room – A large room in which all conditions are created that allow you to do business: office equipment (computer, fax, internet, telephone, etc.), office furniture

President, Royal Suite – The most luxurious hotel room (consists of a large number of rooms for different purposes: bedroom, living room, study, business meeting room, dining room, several toilets, etc.)

* * *

Room types with a view

Garden view (GV) – Room with a garden view

Beach front – Room overlooking the beach (located as close to the beach as possible)

Beach view (BV) – Room with a beach view

City view (CV) – Room with a city view

Dune view (DV) – Room overlooking the dunes (sands)

Golf view – Room overlooking the bay

Grass view – Room with a view of the lawn

Inside view (IV) – A room with a view of the atrium or the inner part (courtyard) of the hotel

Jungle view (JV) – Room with a view of the jungle

Lagoone view (LV) – Room with a view of the lagoon

Land view (LV) – Room with a view of the surroundings

Mountain view (MV) – Room with a mountain view

Ocean view (OV) – Room with an ocean view

Park view – Room with a park view

Pool view (PV) – Room overlooking the pool

Road view – Room overlooking the road

Partial sea view – Room with partial sea view

Sea view (SV) – Room with a sea view

Side sea view (SSV) – Room with side sea view

Sea straight view – Room with direct sea view

* * *

Types of buildings

MB (Main Building) – The main building of the hotel

Bungalow (BG, BGL) – Bungalow (a separate low-rise residential building in a hotel, usually with a small number of rooms)

Cabana is a bungalow type building located on the beach or near the pool, separate from the main hotel building (can be equipped as a bedroom)

Chale – An extension to the main building or a detached cottage


Fare – Bungalow in typical Polynesian style

Jacuzzi Villa – Villa with Jacuzzi

Pavilion – Non-residential building in the hotel

Pool Villa/Bungalow

Residence – Detached villa

Villa – A detached residential building in which one or more rooms can be located

Water Bungalow – Bungalow standing on stilts in the water (common in tropical island countries)

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