Hotel rules of conduct

For a couple of days or even a few weeks, the hotel becomes your home. And not only yours. Guests from different countries gather here. Therefore, in every hotel you need to follow the basic rules of decency.


  • When you book a hotel room over the phone, you are usually asked to confirm your arrival and departure dates in writing and pay a deposit. If you are not comfortable with noise, be sure to tell them that you would like a quiet room overlooking the courtyard or garden, and keep a draft of your letter.
  • If you have stayed at this hotel before, you can order a specific room - the one that you think suits you best.
  • It happens that, for one reason or another, you have to cancel the vacation or change its duration. It is imperative to notify the hotel about this in advance, so that you will not be angry and included in the list of undignified customers.


  • Did you arrive at your hotel late at night? Prepare for a different service than during the day and help the night attendant carry your luggage into the room. Try not to make noise, speak loudly in the hallway, slam your elevator doors, and carefully close your room door. Turn on the radio or TV, turn down the volume.
  • Is your room not right for you? It’s unpleasant, but there’s nothing to worry about. With the most charming smile, ask the receptionist to transfer you to another, more suitable number as soon as he is free.
  • Avoid reproaches and complaints, never express criticism in front of other guests, but wait until the moment when you are alone with someone from the administration. If the maid has moved your belongings from one room to another, do not forget to thank her for this.


  • Behave in your room just like at home: do not litter, do not shake off ashes anywhere, do not throw cigarette butts or pieces of cotton on the floor with which you take off your makeup – there are ashtrays and a trash can for this. Remember to drain the tub and don't drop towels.
  • Arrange items and shoes in closets. Do not scatter jewelry, watches, glasses, money around the room – it will be easier to find them in the boxes. Plus, you show respect for the maid by doing this. Please note that the housekeeper is required to finish cleaning the rooms before lunchtime.
  • When leaving the rooms, turn off the lights, turn off the radio and TV.

Canteen, restaurant

  • In a hotel with a boarding house, every time you enter the dining room, greet the neighbors with a light nod. Try not to draw attention to yourself neither with extravagant clothes, nor too loud laughter and noisy conversations, nor critical remarks expressed aloud.
  • Don't wear a swimsuit, shorts, or barefoot to lunch. In the evening, women can wear a smart dress, and men can wear a jacket and a scarf instead of a tie.
  • Obey the schedule and do not come to the dining room too early or too late. Some hotels practice a special service for children: so that you and your neighbors live more calmly, the children first have lunch and, more importantly, have dinner.
  • If your children are very young, stay with them and see how they behave, if they are all right, they may not like fish or meat; in this case, make sure that they are not given these dishes, then lunch and dinner will be calmer.
  • Do not leave your drops, syrups, tablets on the table. Be gentle and take them away after every meal. Better to take medication in the room. Then you will not come across as a weak and sick person.
  • An abundance of food can lead to the desire to try everything at once, but this is not the last dinner on earth. Don't be greedy at the buffet. Gathering too much and leaving a plate half full on the table is bad form. Think about the resentment of the hotel staff because they will have to throw away the food that the local chefs worked on.


  • Do not always take the best place and do not leave knitting or newspaper in the chair to keep it for you. Don't be familiar and intrusive. Wait until you are invited before joining a billiards or tennis player.


  • When you leave, do not forget to thank the maids, the receptionist and all those who served you. Although service is included in the bill, no one is prohibited from leaving a tip. As you say goodbye, thank the host or director for the comfort and welcome you have received. You will become a model of politeness for him!
  • In a luxury hotel, temptations are scattered everywhere: in the bathroom stacks of soft towels and terrycloth mittens rise. The tray on which your breakfast is brought is lined with silver. Porcelain ashtrays flaunt on the table ... How to resist the temptation and, when folding your luggage, not to take a small souvenir with you? Brace yourself. When your friends invite you to visit, you don't take anything with you, right?
  • Behave in the same way in the hotel. Try to avoid the unpleasant surprise when you find in your hotel bill the price of a bathrobe you accidentally tucked away in your suitcase. When leaving the room, make sure that you have left everything else in its place.

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