Types of food in hotels

ОВ (only bad) – bed only, no meals

RO (room only) – room only, no meals

EP, BO, AO, NO – no meals

Meals à la carte – limited menu items

A-la carte – a menu in which each dish is indicated with a price

BB (bed&breakfast), CP (continental plan) – only breakfast (buffet) and drinks (tea, coffee, water). Additional meals are provided for a fee in the hotel restaurants

CB (continental breakfast) – continental or European breakfast (usually a bun, jam, butter, coffee)

EB (english breakfast) – English breakfast, usually includes scrambled eggs and bacon, sausages, toast, butter, jam, juice, coffee or tea

AB (american breakfast), BP (bermuda plan) – American breakfast. Usually includes muesli, rolls, eggs, various cuts (sausages, cheeses), omelet, sausages, pancakes

HB (half board), MAP (modified american plan) – half board (two meals a day - breakfast and dinner, less often breakfast and lunch). Drinks are generally not included with dinner

HB+ (extended half board) – extended half board with drinks (in some hotels beer and wine) during dinner

FB (full board), AP (american plan) – full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

FB+ (extended full board) – extended full board with local drinks during meals

* * *

Mini all inclusive – full board with local drinks throughout the day, but in limited quantities

AL, ALL INC (all inclusive) – system "All inclusive". Meals throughout the day at specific times. Depending on the category, hotels offer lunch, afternoon tea, late dinner, light snacks, barbecues in the hotel bars, including unlimited local drinks

UAL, UAI (ultra all inclusive) – breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner (buffet). Decent selection of sweets, desserts, all kinds of snacks, as well as a wide selection of local and imported drinks. Most of the Ultra All Inclusive hotels offer guests additional free meals at restaurants with cuisines from around the world. Meals throughout the day, including imported drinks (including alcoholic beverages)

Varieties UAI:

  • Elegance all inc
  • VIP all inc
  • Super all inc
  • De luxe all inc
  • VC all inc
  • Superior all inc
  • MEGA all inc
  • VIP Service
  • Royal Class all inc
  • Ultra de luxe all inc
  • Extended all inc
  • Exellent all inc
  • Max all inc
  • Imperial all

Additional designations:

  • HCAL (hign class all inclusive) – food of the highest category, everything is free, except for shops, telephone, doctor, hairdresser, some water sports and scuba diving
  • MAL (maxi all inclusive) – everything is free except: shops, phone, doctor, laundry, some water sports and scuba diving
  • Brunch dinner+ (late breakfast – lunch) – an option in which breakfast smoothly flows into an early lunch without a break in between, as well as dinner. This type of food is found in ski resorts

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