Hotel room rules

In the room, there is usually a sheet on the table with a price list of additional services (prices for drinks in the minibar, cable channels, laundry, etc.). The higher the category of the hotel, the more expensive additional services are.

  • To put the laundry in the wash, it is necessary to mark on a special form which operations with the linen will be paid for by the client, take a special package in the closet, put the linen and the completed form in it. Urgent washing increases the tariff by one and a half times.
  • Food and drinks can be ordered to your room. These orders are fulfilled by the "room-service" service. In classy hotels, she fulfills orders around the clock.
  • There is no additional charge for using the TV in the room. Usually some programs are connected to cable channels. On such a channel, the broadcast is free for several minutes. Then the broadcast is turned off. A number appears on the screen, which must be dialed to continue broadcasting. Subsequent viewing of the program is paid. These charges will be added to the bill for the room. Sometimes there is no pause between free and paid broadcasts. The viewing time of the entire program is automatically included in the bill.
  • There is sometimes a safe in the hotel room. Before using it, you need to ask the person on duty to find out the conditions for using the safe.
  • The hotel room can be opened with a key or a code. If they are lost, please notify the hotel immediately.

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