COVID-19: entry/exit rules

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Entry rules for Egypt

From June 17, 2022, tourists are no longer required to present COVID-19 vaccination certificates and PCR test results to enter the country

The procedure for entering Georgia

From June 15, 2022, travelers are no longer required to present their COVID-19 vaccination certificates and PCR test results to enter the country

Rules of entry to the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan

From June 10, 2022, all coronavirus restrictions for tourists entering Uzbekistan are lifted

Turkey has changed the rules of entry into the country

From June 1, 2022, the requirement to provide a certificate of vaccination, PCR or a rapid test for coronavirus has been canceled

Rules for entry into the Republic of Belarus

From May 28, 2022, the requirement to present PCR tests and documents confirming vaccination against COVID-19 has been canceled for entry

Conditions of entry to Hungary

Since May 16, 2022, all covid restrictions on entry have been completely abolished in the country

Entry regulations for Croatia

Covid entry restrictions no longer apply. The latest by-law, which contained requirements for Croatian border crossing points, expired on April 30, 2022

Check-in rules for hotels in Sochi and the entire Krasnodar Territory

The high alert mode will be canceled in the Krasnodar Territory from May 1, 2022. Masks will still have to be worn as before.

Rules for entering Latvia

According to the decision of the Government of Latvia, certificates and PCR tests are no longer required from April 1, 2022

Rules for entering the UK

From March 17, 2022, all restrictions related to COVID-19 have been lifted


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