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From the ship to the ball

Time is running out! Today, more and more often you have to go on a business trip from the office. And to the office - from a business trip. How to minimize the negative aspects of many hours of trave...

On vacation without adversity: problems faced by tourists

A vacation away from home can be overshadowed by serious challenges. Below are some of the most common of these problems and how to deal with them.

On vacation alone: what dangers await

Traveling alone is pleasant and convenient: there is no need to coordinate your plans with anyone, to depend on the mood and whims of your fellow traveler. But there are also disadvantages. Our tips w...

How much money to leave for the last day of vacation

Many tourists are famous for the fact that they can relax "to the fullest", having spent every last penny, without thinking that they may be in a critical situation when money is urgently needed.

Tax free - partial VAT refund system

Many people know that when shopping abroad, you can save a lot: up to 20% of the cost of goods. But not everyone tried to take advantage of this. Tax free - how it works and why this system was create...

How to save money on your trip

How often do we glance at the vivid photos of our colleagues, friends, acquaintances overseas vacations. But in order to provide yourself with a comfortable and informative rest, it is not necessary t...

Travel applications without Internet

How difficult it is when traveling, where there are constant interruptions in communication or there is no access to the network at all. But you don't have to stock up on paper maps, travel guides, or...

Popular ways to cheat tourists

Ostap Bender's descendants still live. At any time, in every country in the world, a tourist is threatened with a meeting with enterprising people seeking to withdraw money from him on more or less le...

On a business trip light

How to effectively plan a business trip? How to spend useful time at the airport, on the plane, in a taxi? How to deal with the change of time zones without damage? So, let's go on a business trip - l...

How to eat on vacation

Arriving at the place of rest, you find yourself in captivity of various temptations – to try all sorts of goodies and lie in a sun lounger. If you approach nutrition wisely, then you can come home ev...


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