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How to behave correctly at an interview at the embassy

An interview at the embassy is a necessary procedure if you intend to go abroad and you need an entry visa. So take your one-on-one interview with a visa officer for granted and off you go!

How to change currency abroad

The most profitable is to change money at the bank, the lowest rate is at the hotel. But speaking of the exchange, one cannot fail to mention the scammers who lie in wait for the tourist

To tip or not to tip

Tipping is often a source of stress for most travelers - to whom and how much. They are perceived differently in different countries and cultures. How to avoid awkward situations

Dangers in the mountains

Mountains live their own lives, giving rise to a number of objective and subjective dangers to humans. When going on a hike, travel or climbing, you need to be aware of the dangers in order to avoid t...

Traveler Fear or Phobia Factor

Each of us has different fears – phobias. There are many things that can spoil the impression of a tourist trip. But first, you yourself must understand whether you are suffering from godophobia – the...

What do you need to know for sun protection

The time has come, and you are planning a vacation to the hot countries that you dreamed of ... After all, it is known that the sun is the guarantor of health and the source of life. But at the same t...

How not to be mistaken when choosing a seat on the plane

You can choose a seat when registering online, or when checking in at the airport. How not to be mistaken with the choice and choose a convenient place for yourself to feel comfortable during the enti...

Useful tips for passengers when flying

The plane is the safest form of transport. But air travel can be a serious health test. However, knowing ahead of time what lies ahead can help minimize damage to your health and nerves.

Lost luggage during the flight: what to do? How do I get compensation?

A rare passenger travels without luggage. Anything can happen to luggage: lost, spoiled, confused. What to do when misfortune happens with bags and suitcases?

5 ways to overcome the time difference

Whether you are a business person who spends a lot of time on the road, or a tourist who loves to travel to distant exotic countries, sooner or later you will face the problem of time differences


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