September 1 – Independence Day


September 1 – Independence Day

1 сентября - День Независимости

The main national holiday of Uzbekistan is the Independence Day.

On August 31, 1991, at an extraordinary session of the Supreme Soviet of the Uzbek SSR in Tashkent, a resolution "On the proclamation of state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan" and a law "On the foundations of state independence of the Republic of Uzbekistan" were adopted. The decree also renamed the Uzbek SSR to the Republic of Uzbekistan.

In 1992, the Independence Day was celebrated for the first time.

The entire republic celebrates the anniversary of Independence widely and cheerfully. Each region of Uzbekistan is preparing its own festive program. Wherever you find yourself on this day, fascinating spectacles await you: these are performances of original folklore groups, and gambling sports, and variety shows, and noisy fairs of folk craftsmen. And, of course, what a holiday without a treat? Festive pilaf on this day is the central dish for which the family, colleagues, neighbors, friends gather ...

And in the capital of Uzbekistan they prepare for the celebration in advance, because the festive show is so spectacular and large-scale that it simply takes your breath away. It is attended by hundreds of extras, dozens of music and dance groups, the brightest pop and movie stars. And in the evening, a grandiose festive fireworks soar over the square.

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