January 14 – Defenders of the Motherland Day


January 14 – Defenders of the Motherland Day

14 января – День Защитников Родины

Historically significant national holiday in Uzbekistan. The date was not chosen by chance. On January 14, 1992, the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan were formed. On this day, a solemn ceremony takes place on Independence Square, where the anthem of the Republic is played, and military units are marching to the sound of a military orchestra. Wreaths are laid at the foot of the monument and the Supreme Commander-in-Chief pronounces festive congratulations to the defenders of the Motherland.

When the day of the defender of the Motherland comes in Uzbekistan, residents of the republic congratulate all men, make gifts and prepare delicious treats. On this holiday, not only the military, but also all men of different ages receive congratulations. Every retired little boy or man is also considered the defenders of the Fatherland, because the younger generation will become heroes of the country in the future, and the elderly have already done a lot for their Motherland.

In this day, Uzbekistan honors the memory of the great commander and conqueror Amir Timur (April 9, 1336 - February 18, 1405), who founded the Timurid empire. He is remembered as a national hero, because Amir Timur (Tamerlane) organized a detachment of devoted warriors. This commander waged war not only with neighboring countries, but also with the Golden Horde, the Ottoman Empire and India. Thanks to his conquests and victories, most of the Silk Road brought considerable income to his country. For Timur, it was important not to destroy the neighboring lands, but to protect the Motherland from the Horde. Therefore, on the day of the Defender of the Fatherland, many people consider it their duty to honor the memory of the great commander.

Motherland Day in Uzbekistan is of great importance for all residents of the country. This holiday symbolizes the freedom and independence of the state.

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