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How to get a certificate of marital status for citizens of Uzbekistan

A certificate of conclusion, absence of marriage or divorce can be obtained through the Center for Public Services or by submitting an online application through the Unified Portal of Interactive Publ...


Certificate No. 005514-11 dated June 22, 2015

How to get a certificate of absence (presence) of a criminal record for citizens of Uzbekistan

According to the RKM No. 797, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan can obtain a certificate of absence (presence) of a criminal record in two ways

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License No. Т-0315-14 dated June 10, 2014

List of countries of the European Union

As of 2021, the European Union includes 35 countries. Of these: 27 – use €, 8 – stayed with their own currency. They did not enter the European Union, but switched to the currency of € – 12 countries....

List of Schengen countries

The Schengen Agreement entered into force on March 26, 1995. As of 2021, the Schengen Agreement has been signed with 30 states and is in effect with the abolition of border controls in 26 states.

Hotel room rules

In the room, there is usually a sheet on the table with a price list of additional services (prices for drinks in the minibar, cable channels, laundry, etc.). The higher the category of the hotel, the...

Hotel classification

Most popular, from a tourist point of view, large hotels try to join an association that sets standards, certifies them according to criteria and monitors compliance

Hotel room classification

When booking a hotel room or buying a vacation voucher, they write the abbreviation of the type of accommodation on the territory of the hotel. But how to find out what kind of number it is if you do


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