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How much money to leave for the last day of vacation

Many tourists are famous for the fact that they can relax "to the fullest", having spent every last penny, without thinking that they may be in a critical situation when money is urgently needed.

Tax free - partial VAT refund system

Many people know that when shopping abroad, you can save a lot: up to 20% of the cost of goods. But not everyone tried to take advantage of this. Tax free - how it works and why this system was create...

How to save money on your trip

How often do we glance at the vivid photos of our colleagues, friends, acquaintances overseas vacations. But in order to provide yourself with a comfortable and informative rest, it is not necessary t...

Hotel rules of conduct

For a couple of days or even a few weeks, the hotel becomes your home. And not only yours. Guests from different countries gather here. Therefore, in every hotel you need to follow the basic rules of

Travel applications without Internet

How difficult it is when traveling, where there are constant interruptions in communication or there is no access to the network at all. But you don't have to stock up on paper maps, travel guides, or...

Public offer agreement

LLC "Radius Travel" offers any individual, hereinafter referred to as the "User", paid services, services and services on the Internet, software and other software products

How to get a certificate of marital status for citizens of Uzbekistan

A certificate of conclusion, absence of marriage or divorce can be obtained through the Center for Public Services or by submitting an online application through the Unified Portal of Interactive Publ...


Certificate No. 005514-11 dated June 22, 2015

How to get a certificate of absence (presence) of a criminal record for citizens of Uzbekistan

According to the RKM No. 797, citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan can obtain a certificate of absence (presence) of a criminal record in two ways

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