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Useful tips for passengers when flying

The plane is the safest form of transport. But air travel can be a serious health test. However, knowing ahead of time what lies ahead can help minimize damage to your health and nerves.

Lost luggage during the flight: what to do? How do I get compensation?

A rare passenger travels without luggage. Anything can happen to luggage: lost, spoiled, confused. What to do when misfortune happens with bags and suitcases?

5 ways to overcome the time difference

Whether you are a business person who spends a lot of time on the road, or a tourist who loves to travel to distant exotic countries, sooner or later you will face the problem of time differences

How not to get sick while traveling

Traveling is not only the pleasure of meeting a new, unfamiliar country, but also partly a risky endeavor. The best way to stay healthy and not "catch" a local infection is to get vaccinated.

Tourist's first-aid kit: what medicines you need to take with you

A first aid kit must always accompany you on a trip. Especially those who travel abroad. There, almost all medicines are sold only with a doctor's prescription, and a visit to the doctor is not cheap....

What to take with you on vacation

Don't take a lot of things with you. Experienced travelers are advised to take more money. Choose universal clothes - for all occasions. On the road, put on things that do not hinder your movements.

Basic rules for budget vacations

Maybe postpone the vacation? ... There is a crisis in the yard, you need to save! ... Such thoughts come to minds of many. But you don't have to spend a lot to have a good rest. You need to properly p...

15 signs that you urgently need to go on vacation

The Association of European Psychotherapists has identified clear symptoms when postponing a vacation is already simply dangerous for the body. Take a short test and find out when you can no longer de...

20 gestures that can get you in trouble

Sign language in different countries is very different: what is considered a greeting for some, is indecent for others. Sometimes a seemingly harmless action can lead to dire consequences for you

Someone else's rules ... or 100 and 1 reasons for an international scandal

A lot of foreigners, not like us! The most familiar and seemingly decent behavior of a tourist can cause shock among local residents, cause a conflict or even a “rendezvous” with foreign policemen!


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